Before his death in , George Ladd had planned a new edition of this book in which he hoped to remedy two deficiencies that had been pointed out by reviewers: the lack of discussion of the theologies of the individual Synoptic writers and the lack of a full treatment of the issue of unity and diversity in the New Testament. Unfortunately Ladd did not live to fulfill this desire. For this new edition, however, we have been fortunate in obtaining essays on these subjects by two exceptional New Testament scholars from Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, R. France Chapter 16 and D. Wenham the Appendix.

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A Theology of the New Testament, rev. ed.

I feel like I've peeled a layer off the Bible and understand it at a new level. It's a very academic, yet readable book that discusses every opinion by secular scholars and clearly shows the truth. A Theology of the New Testament. Ladd's magisterial work on New Testament theology has well served thousands of seminary students since its publication in Enhanced and updated here by Donald A Hagner, this comprehensive, standard evangelical text now features augmented bibliographies and two completely new chapters on subjects that Ladd himself wanted to treat in a revised edition the theology of each of the Synoptic Evangelists and the issue of unity and diversity in the New Testament written, respectively, by R. France and David Wenham. John the Baptist.


A Theology of the New Testament

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