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Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Alesis Data disk Problem. Alesis Data disk Problem Sign in to disable this ad.

Hey Everyone, I just join this forum I thought I might find common ground and an answer to my problem. I've used the Alesis data disk and Ensoniq SQ1 for 13 years making a living ,teaching etc. It also makes more noise than usual ,including some "new noises"if never heard before indicating that the problem is probably mechanical Alesis informed me that there are no replacement parts for this unit , nor can THEY repair it , and they no of any other unit that could replace it Its as if it never existed or all parts or history of the unit has been moved to another planet and is no longer applicable here on earth????

Anyway, I tried cleaning the little "wheel" inside along with other parts I could reach inside the diskdrive with alcohol but it didnt really help much.. Is there something else I should be cleaning like the "eye" that reads the disk?

If anyone out there knows anyone that could repair or provide any info pertaining to this problem, or know where I could post this info to get a more concise detail ifo , it would be most appreciated. I make my living with these 2 units and Im dead in the water with out the data disk.

I havent aquired much computer knowlege over the last 15 years so Id really like to keep with the data disk technology if possible. Thanks , John in WV. Beck Guest. Works fine. Kidd, Everything advances and we must advance with it. You had 13 wonderful years with your Data Disk but it's time to move on. Why would you be "dead in the water" without the Data Disk? You would be deader if you never bothered to write down your stuff on paper,would you not?

There is newer better technology out there and you should take advantage of it-re-educate yourself-it doesn't have to hinge on "computers". What format is the data stored in? If it's just standard midi files than you can probably open it in a computer or other hardware sequencers.

With the DataDisk turned off remove the screws from the top cover. Also remove 4 screws from the bottom of the unit directly beneath the floppy drive.

Unplug the ribbon cable and power cable from the old floppy drive and plug them into the new one. Push the new drive in place and replace the 4 screws in the bottom. Make sure no wires are pinched as you replace the top cover. You now have a working DataDisk. The floppy drive is a common point of failure on the DataDisk.

The original drive is a kb unit and the disk is formatted with FAT12 but they use a proprietary system. There is nothing quite like the DataDisk out there these days. It is well worth the effort to resurrect the one you have. If you just want to recover the data on your existing disks get the Alesis Diskette Manager from Giebler Enterprises to use with your PC. Alesis data disk n sq1 John just found this That was his one and only post on HR, eight years ago.

I'm sure he's moved on by now. Originally Posted by Steenamaroo. Are you sure about that, diggy? I'd bet he's been lurking here, ever since, just waiting for someone to make that offer I think the floppy drive crash ruined his livelihood and he hanged himself from the chandelier in a fit of despair.

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Alesis DataDisk Refurb

In the studio an Atari was more effective with the right software, and that is what I used in The high cost of the DataDisk put me off buying one, until now! Refurb The DataDisk looks like an x-hire unit; connections have been hot glued and there is lots of wear to the casing and buttons. All the casing screws needed replacing with new ones, and the LCD mount has broken. It also needed a 9V external power supply, which is the same as used with the Quadraverb with a 4-pin plug, bought from eBay.


Alesis Data Disk Reference Manual

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Alesis Data Disk Manuals

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Because the disk size is fixed, data can not exceed K bytes. Each disk can hold 53 MIDI data files, but the total size of the data cannot exceed the maximum disk size, or K.


Alesis Datadisk


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