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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. All Departments 60 Documents 9 Researchers. Librarian educational practices for reader's formation. The survey investigated the practices undertaken to promote reading in school libraries specifically by librarians.

In Brazil, those professionals were very recently included in the school and live with the need to mediate information and reading. This paper presents and analyzes the time of publication, authorship, the location of the authors and the type of work. It's observed that there are different meanings of concepts, terminology and objectives of the work with reading. This is reflected, for example, in the inconsistency in terminology between promoting the habit of reading and promoting the love of reading.

From the support offered by this mapping on the practices of reading promotion, a reflection on the importance of the role of the librarian as mediator in promoting reading is proposed. Finally, the terminology "librarian educational practices for reader's formation" is proposed being these practices understood as defining and structuring professional practices that embrace necessarily political-pedagogical dimensions. Save to Library. Adriana B Sirihal Duarte. The article aims present possible contributions of phenomenology for Information Science, especially the studies of information users, enhancing the motion to expand the boundaries of the field, as a comprehensive approach that seeks the The article aims present possible contributions of phenomenology for Information Science, especially the studies of information users, enhancing the motion to expand the boundaries of the field, as a comprehensive approach that seeks the unveiling of the phenomena in the mind of the individuals.

It points out the contributions that the phenomenology can offer to studies of information behavior, specially the model of social distribution of knowledge, of Alfred Schultz, which promotes the understanding of complex social interactions, which occurred in the process of seeking and using information.

Presents the methodology of an ongoing study of users to show the adoption of phenomenology as a methodological approach can contribute to such studies. It is concluded that there is a connection between the so-called social paradigm of Information Science and phenomenological perspective, since both share the view that reality is an intersubjective construction. This article presents a review of literature to search for an appropriate definition for the concept of information to be considered the object of study of Information Science.

It correlates authors in the fields of Information Science, It correlates authors in the fields of Information Science, Communications, Linguistics and Semiotics, tracing a historical reconstitution illustrated with diagrams from the Mathematical Theory of Communication to contemporary definitions. In this sense, information is presented as an integral part of the process that relates global culture objective to individual culture subjective. Finally, we think the cycle is completed when information is converted into knowledge, capable of promoting development and being communicated, thus generating new information stocks and feeding back the cycle.

Abstract The objective of this study is to understand how blind users behave when accessing the Web, using a screen reader, and what factors influence and determine their actions.

It is grounded on the social approach to studies of It is grounded on the social approach to studies of information users and on Situated Cognition, theoretical position which argues that human actions are adapted to the situation and to the context, influenced by its various dimensions.

Considering the scope and objectives of the research, a qualitative study was carried out with eight users, selected from the snowball sampling. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and interaction tests in natural environment.

The research results show that the participants had their first contact with the computer, the Internet and the Web from different forms and motivations, this process. Introduction: Electronic books e-books has been gaining notoriety in the market and in academic research. University libraries bet on loan contents, and do not believe on borrow devices for reading purposes. Purpose: Presents the Purpose: Presents the results of a research carried out with undergraduate students and librarians of the Library System of Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG designed to investigate how the students are using e-books and e-readers and if the library system is prepared to provide support in terms of services and collections.

Methodology: Regarding the methodology, the research was conducted in three steps including literature review, qualitative research with librarians conducting interviews and quantitative research with students questionnaires. The main format used is PDF. The most used features include changing the font size, underline, consult the dictionary and annotate. The provision of e-books by the Library System of UFMG is still limited and occurs through isolated initiatives by units.

Librarians point out advantages and disadvantages of e-book usage. Conclusions: The public has not demanded more than it is been offered. Given the choice, the vast preference of UFMG reader is still the book in the printed version. Abstract Based on the experience of conducting the Information Users discipline in graduate courses and on extension and research activities developed with the users of a mobile library, the goal is to reflect on the relationship between Abstract Based on the experience of conducting the Information Users discipline in graduate courses and on extension and research activities developed with the users of a mobile library, the goal is to reflect on the relationship between the systematic study of information users and the role of mediation.

The theoretical framework is based on the definitions of users and information behavior currently used in Information Science literature as well as on authors who discuss the concept of mediation. The article briefly describes surveys user studies performed in situations that emphasize the role of mediation. Three user studies are mentioned: two qualitative studies, in which interviews were used as data collection method, aiming at the development of mediation actions; and a quantitative study, which aims to evaluate the results of a mediation action already implemented.

The study concludes that mediation can be facilitated by the practice of conducting systematic user studies as well as by the adoption of some methods and techniques of user studies in the mediator's daily work.

And although the mediator's work is changing due to changes in information support information in electronic media , its function of mediation remains increasingly necessary and should be more favored in the educational training of professionals. Comportamento Informacional. This paper have the findings of the research conducted in PPGCI-UFMG and addresses to the relationship between school library educational practices and its relationship with the school culture.

The research was conducted in brazilian The research was conducted in brazilian municipal schools, in Belo Horizonte city. The research aimed to discuss what was the nature of the school culture that supports a sucessful library program. The goal was to diagnose and analyze educational practices in brazilian school libraries and its relationship with school culture in the following aspect: how the environment affects and produces behaviors and actions related to the school library.

The sample was composed by three school libraries, from public school in the city of Belo Horizonte. Principals, school librarians and two teachers — in each school — were interviewed. The data was collected using semi-structured surveys, characterizing the study as a qualitative in-depth research.

Three important findings shown the relationship between school library and school culture: the presence of a collaborative culture, a specific school structure that supports the library and the school library as a differentiated space. There are aspects in this difference that contribute to the establishment of an effective school library.

These factors are highlighted as: the school library as a connector, the distinctions between school libraries and classrooms and the school library location. The conclusion is that the school culture is a key dimension in school libraries activities.

A pesquisa teve como objetivo principal discutir qual a natureza da cultura escolar que favorece bibliotecas efetivas. The school library and the librarians on google age. Abstract: Increasingly, the Internet is being considered source of information, especially among digital natives. Since the internet is revealed mainly by search engines, Google sparked interest as it stood out as favorite by users and Since the internet is revealed mainly by search engines, Google sparked interest as it stood out as favorite by users and leader of the segment in question.

This article reflects about the ethos of the school librarian profession nowadays: duties, possibilities, contributions and areas of expertise. Thereby, three distinct activities are described.

Although taken place in different school libraries, they all allowed to observe the school library purpose and the confrontation before the search for information on the Internet by Google. The mainly results suggest that Google has been consolidated on the young's daily life.

Libraries on the other hand, the technology alone cannot be accountable for it's misuse. Variations related to the type of school, the performance of teachers and family background were incisive to a great performance As each library is unique, as well are the students and institutions. Os principais resultados apontam que o Google se consolidou no cotidiano dos jovens estudados. This article describes the process of developing standards for Brazilian school libraries.

It presents the principles, theoretical framework and crit eria upon which such standards were based. The main goal of the standards is to help More broadly, the standards allow comparative studies that may support public policies aimed at improving the quality of education.

The standards may contribute to the creation of quality libraries in every school in the country, or in other words, towards each school having a true library. Belo Horizonte, novembro de Pesquisas sobre biblioteca escolar no Brasil: o estado da arte - Research on school library in Brazil: state of the art. The present study aimed to establish the state-of-the-art of the research on school library in Brazil, between and , trying to identify: its subjects, theoretical foundations, methodology, results and conclusions.

A documentary The results revealed that exist an awareness of the need to secure the space of the library in the school, considering that it can contribute to the learning process. There is a bigger number of studies in the subject of reading, although there seems to be a trend in the increasing of inquiry learning topic. User studies are still stuck with a traditional approach, failing to perform an effective dialogue with pedagogical issues.

The methodologies of the studies were mostly qualitative and the theoretical foundations were weak, resulting from the lack of clarity of its use. Laura Valladares. Inquiry learning: educating librarians for their educational role. Inquiry learning is a concept familiar to Brazilian librarians, who have been expressing concern about their contribution in innovating the learning process.

It is therefore necessary that future librarians experience this learning It is therefore necessary that future librarians experience this learning strategy during their education. This study aimed to investigate: 1 how library students exposed repeatedly to strategies of inquiry learning react; 2 the difficulties they encounter in the process; 3 and what types of learning they acquire.

Data were collected through in depth interviews with undergraduate library students taking an Information Literacy Course. In conclusion the repetition of the inquiry learning process became important for students to feel more secure and confident and for their difficulties to be minimized. On the whole the acquisition of the five types of learning was observed. Paradigms on Information Science studies mentioned by Capurro — physical, cognitive and social — are related to the works in the fields of user studies and Human-Computer interaction.

A brief historic review on human-computer interaction is presented, associating the first works of Donald Norman and Nielsen to the physical paradigm of Information Science.


Information Science

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