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Awards to Veteran. Major Gordon R. Vintage Sterling silver military cross awards grenade rifle driver. Vietnam War U.

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Chapter 2. It is gratifying to note that your firm is wholeheartedly supporting this' Reserve program of our Armed Forces, and authoraing. Your Continued. Note 2. By-name eligibility listings were published for this operation.

Defense Nuclear Agency. DC for determination. Service members involved in surveys and planning visits on Enewetak Atoll between I April and 23 June are eligible.

These individuals should write Director. DNA through channels for confirmation of eligibility. Note 3.

By-name listing of eligible panklpants have been forwarded to the recommending command. Meritorious service awards presented in conjunction with retirement should be. Military Dec:. DDF"'I Application. Z FrsDtho. Q FintON counter. This interim change implements new procedures for processing recommendations for award of the DA Fo:r:m Heritorious Service H. The rules and. See fi. Figure is a sample of a completed DA Fo:r:m Pigure is instructions for completi.

Pigure i. The contents of thi. AR , 1 November , is changed as fol-lows:. Paragraph Army Achi. See fig for sample of campleted DA Fo:.

Permanent award orders approving. This delegation should be in writing. Permanent orders filing should include a master set filed at the issuing headquarters AR , para The generated form image will include' the form title, form number DA Porm E , date, and reference to the prescribing directive AR Rules for preparing an award recommendation. The recommendation must be readable in order to be processed for a decision. Use only black ink for machine readability photocopies.

The limited resources of the PAC may not be used for this purpose. This is an exception to AR , paragraph The four-line citation limit applies to all awards of the Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation. Six-line citations can be used for retirement awards. See figure for the instructions for completing the award certificate. Page Indicate oak leaf cluster if app1.

Enter the soldier's last name, fi. Enter the soldier'S social securi. Contact PAC for this data. Part B - Justification and ei. Up to six. If ineligible, return to recommender.

RecOJnmendcition is then forlrarded to next tugher approval authority. File in battalion unit awards tUes. Prepare appropriate award and certi.

Part -D-Qrders Data 25 Enter. Use of signature. Add FJ. Add Figure as follows: 1'igure , How to prepare the award cert!. Type unit name one lJ..

A sixline narrative citation may be used for retirement awaxds only. Obtain approval authority signature on the certificate. Add the following notes as follows: Rotes additional ins'b:uet. Obtain the approval authority's commander's signature on the certificate. Ensure approved DA Form is forwarded to approval authority with certificate.

Hake four copies of the DA Form Hake one copy of the certificate. The original certificate and soldier's copy of the DA Form go into the green folder for presentation to the soldier.

File original DA Form in awards orders file of issuing headquarters. The PSC clerk will: 1. Add soldier's social security number to a copy of the certificate handwritten at the top right-hand corner and forward for filing in the soldier'S OMPF. See AR , para Post these changes per DA Pam Army Reserve. DATE I.. TO :,5's. Adl-r a,. L cae II-' lit ,e,. Figure Sample of a-completed DA Form Con FROM 3. NAME laid. SSN Recommender a.

NAME b. Some will appear as a separate publication, like this one; others will contain a selection of related publications organized as a handbook like the Unit Supply UPDATE. Using the efficiency of modern, computerized typography in UPDATE plblishlng gives the Army the opportunity for tremendous cost savings by freeing users fram the time-consuming task of maintaining looseleaf publications.

A Surrm3. You should read this SUrmary of Change before us1. The subscription card inserted in this publication is a specially developed reply card for use in indicatinb the exact number of copies that Jiour unit needs.

You should complete Part I of this card to tell your publications clerk how many copies your section needs. Your publications clerk must then complete Part 2 by consolidating your unit's total requirerrents on a single subscription card.

If the inserted card is mislaid, you will find a duplicate printed on the last page of this issue. You should establish a definite subscription re4uirement right away.

If you delay, you may not receive the number of copies you reed the next time AR is updated. We are continually workinb to improve our publications and want you to be part of this process. We urbe you to complete this card 1mnedlately. Your opinions will definitely influence future decisions on how to improve this publication. Changes policies concerning gifts offered by foreign governments.

Adds operations for the Humanitarian Service Medal. DC EtlectIve 12 Ald.


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