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DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it helps them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing. Visit FileOpen to see the full list. November Termite management Part 1: New building work. January Termite management - New building work. January Protection of buildings from subterranean termites - New buildings.

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Contact us during your design stage and we can outline an easy and effective termite control solution. Service technicians are government licensed by Dept.

Exopest offers a range of termite treatments for new and existing buildings. These include physical termite membranes and chemical soil treatments. Physical membranes are permanent 50 yrs , while chemical soil treatments have a finite lifespan — up to 10 yrs soil dependent. Both have their place in the tools of termite management, but some are more suited to one project than another. Chemical soil treatments spraying are usually referred to as chemical barriers because they stop or impede termites coming up through the soil and entering the structure.

Some chemical treatments Premise SC, Altriset or Termidor allow termites to pass through the treated soil zone and pick up the chemical whilst others deter or repel foraging termites Biflex. Physical termite membranes are incorporated in the structure of the building and force termites out into the open, where early detection is possible.

Termite membranes do not stop termite entry into the building — just force them out into the open. Ant caps were first designed as termite barriers, but termites simply build mud tunnels over and around the ant cap. First generation physical barriers include Termimesh and Granitgard, and then came a physical membrane Kordon incorporating an insecticide Deltamethrin.

HomeGuard stops repels and kills termites. It is a single sheet polymer designed to last the life of the building. HomeGuard Termite Membranes HomeGuard physically restricts termites from entering the building, but also actively repels and kills them. HomeGuard is available in many forms:. Biflex Bifenthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid is incorporated in the plastic polymer matrix of all three forms. As a polymer the Biflex is locked in for the life of the product and does not leach out into the environment.

Builder Architect Information. Compliance to AS Please note in AS. Only certificates of application as per area installed. Australian Standards AS The termite management industry is guided by the Australian Standards AS. Councils in designated termite areas require termite treatment and certification to these Australian Standards.

The Standards set out requirements for the design and construction of subterranean termite management systems for new and existing buildings. Links: www. HomeGuard Termite Membranes. HomeGuard physically restricts termites from entering the building, but also actively repels and kills them.

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