Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Visible and invisible laser radiation equipment. BDV-EW avoid direct eye exposure.

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use. Can't find your exact vehicle?

Find products that fit. You won't need to figure out which components are 3D-ready and will work together. This system is matched and ready to give you exciting 3D entertainment. It also makes surround sound easy to manage.

Its five compact speakers include two wireless satellites and a subwoofer. Find yourself wrapped up in your favorite Blu-ray movies, concerts, TV shows, and video games without being tangled in speaker wire. Blu-ray opens new dimensions in site and sound Blu-ray movies offer incomparable image quality and 3D draws you right into the middle of the story.

You'll also experience the new high-resolution audio formats found on Blu-ray discs, with enough built-in amplification to give you dynamic, atmospheric, wraparound sound. Best of all, the included speakers are matched to the system. Two wireless surround speakers ensure easier placement without having to run wire all over the room.

Easy setup The 'E comes with Sony's automatic speaker calibration, making setup a snap. Just place the speakers around your room, put the included microphone in your favorite listening position, and let the system calibrate itself to deliver the best possible sound in your room. Shop our selection of HDMI cables. Bought this to have rear speakers without wires and they work great.

After moving them from the floor to the table we noticed how much better they work. I actually thought someone was making noise in the other room when it was the sound from the show. Great system for the price. Average review: 3 reviews. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers. Please see our review guidelines for help and information.

By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. The region code on your disc must match the region code on your player, otherwise the disc will not play. The resolution is up to x p and the data transfer rate is up to 54 mbps. Blu-ray Disc discs and players offer several advantages over the standard DVD format:. Note: As Blu-Ray technology continues to evolve, new disc types with enhanced functionality will become available.

In order for you to enjoy this new functionality, you will likely be required to update the firmware in your player. These firmware updates will become available for downloading from the Internet via the rear panel Ethernet terminal. The format is designed to compress video and audio Dolby Digital or Linear PCM data, enabling a high definition video signal shot on a digital video camera recorder to be recorded on DVD discs, in the same way as it would be for a standard definition signal.

The unit can recognize up to 5 folders and filers per folder. Still images on your disc can be viewed in a Slide-Show as well as rotated degrees left or right. When stopped and restarted, playback resumes at the same point as long as the tray hasn't been opened and the player hasn't been turned off. Compared to the traditional PCM method the technology used for CD , DSD offers a much higher resolution by following more closely the original waveform of music. With a frequency response of over kHz and a dynamic range over dB across the audible frequency range - some 64 times higher resolution then CD - Super Audio CD offers music reproduction that reveals details you just cannot hear on a normal CD.

Both HDMI inputs are capable of carrying uncompressed digital audio and video up to p, as well a 3D content. There are no composite, S-video, or component video inputs. You cannot output video from the receiver's HDMI inputs through the unit's component or composite video outputs.

Output options include Auto highest resolution accepted by the TV , p 60 Hz video or 24 Hz , i, or p. If necessary the output resolution can also be set to p or i.

The Deep Color function can be set to bit, bit, Auto, or Off. Color, offering a wider color range than the current broadcast standard. For the x. Color feature to be useful, the entire video production chain must be compatible camera-editing-format-player-display. With the included microphone placed at the listening position, Sony's DSP automatically analyzes speaker placement and sets the delay times and output levels.

The microphone has a threaded insert on the bottom so it's compatible with a tripod. Speakers configuration, speaker distances and output levels can also be manually set. Manual Speaker Setup: If your prefer, you can setup the receiver and the connected speakers manually by using the receiver's manual speaker setup menu.

The surround modes include:. Note: 7. The system's built-in Blu-ray player supports all formats. This eliminates the need for extra cables connected to your television.

The kit includes a 2-channel amplifier and two wireless transceivers. The surround amplifier has proprietary speaker terminals that match the speaker wires supplied with the home theater system. Each speaker consists of a bass-reflex cabinet and features a single 2. Each speaker comes with five integrated rubber feet so they can be placed securely on top of your shelves or stands. Each speaker also features a single key-hole slot and 5mm threaded insert slot on its rear-panel to allow you to mount the speakers vertically on a wall key-hole slot requires optional mounting screw and the 5mm threaded insert requires optional bracket.

In addition, each speaker comes with speaker wire which connects to the spring-clip terminals on back of the speaker and the proprietary plugs on back of the included wireless surround amplifier.

Center-Channel Speaker: The Sony Blu-ray home theater system features an acoustic-suspension center-channel speaker which consists of one magnetically shielded 1. The center-channel speaker comes with four integrated rubber feet so it can be placed securely on top of your TV, shelf or stand.

The center-channel speaker also features two key-hole slots on its rear-panel which allows you to mount the center-channel speaker horizontally on a wall. In addition, the center-channel speaker comes with a 7' length of speaker wire which connects to the spring-clip terminals on back of the speaker and the proprietary plugs on back of the AV receiver. The front speakers are uniquely designed to provide a wider "sweet spot"; so even when you're watching with the whole family everyone will enjoy great sound.

The front speakers employ an acoustic-suspension cabinet an non-removable grille. Each front speaker features a small pedestal stand which allows you to place the speaker on a table-top, shelf, or stand. There is a keyhole slot on the back of each front speaker to mount them on your wall pedestal stand must be removed. In addition, each front speaker feature an attached 10' length of speaker wire which connects to the spring-clip terminals on back of the speakers and the proprietary plugs on back of the AV receiver.

Passive Subwoofer: The home theater system features a bass-reflex, passive subwoofer with a down-firing 7" woofer and down-firing port. The subwoofer includes four integrated rubber feet to place the unit securely on your floor.

The color-coded 2-pin proprietary jacks for the surround speakers are found on the wireless surround amplifier. Speaker wires, terminated with color-coded plugs, are supplied.

Each length of supplied speaker wire has tinned wire on one end, and a color-coded proprietary plug on the other for easy hookup. Note: Requires home network with an The system can recognize up to 20 folders and filers per folder from a DLNA server. Using your home network and broadband connection, you can access a wide variety of movies, videos, music, and more.

This can be done through the Blu-ray player's Ethernet terminal or built-in WiFi. Video quality and picture size vary and are dependent upon broadband speed and delivery by content provider.

Available online content may change without notice visit Sony. Some web-pages may be to large for download. Note: Requires a broadband internet connection. This is not a full search engine for the Internet and Web.

Favorites: This function displays the Internet contents added to the Favorites Lists. You can save up to 18 favorite Internet selections.

Gracenote Metadata Service: The Gracenote Metadata service instantly gives you access to detailed information about the movies you are watching through the unit's internet connectivity.

This easy-to-navigate service displays information such as cast information, genre, jacket art and more right on the TV screen. You can also access select internet apps including YouTube and Qriocity to find related entertainment. Note: Requires Internet connectivity. Some disc titles may not be supported by the Gracenote service. BD-Live: BD-Live technology allows you to download and stream bonus content such as additional scenes, shorts, trailers, movie-based games, and more from a broadband Internet and home network connections fees may apply.

If this doesn't work, you may need to revert to the older software version or wait until a newer software update is available. Quick Start: This feature shortens the startup time from standby mode. When the Quick Start Mode is turned on the standby power consumption is higher. You can also Allow or Block all unrated Internet video. The control settings are protected by a custom 4-digit password. You can also lock the disc tray to prevent it from being opened by mistake.

Child Lock: You can deactivate the buttons on the main unit to prevent unauthorized operation. Dimmer: You can adjust the lighting of the unit's front panel display from Bright or Dark.


Sony BDV-E780W Operating Instructions Manual

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LEY 25764 PDF

Sony BDV-E780W


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