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Just bought in! These used books are recent releases. As early as So come snag them at a great price verses then new retail price! Written from the perspective of a child, Gavin recounts life with his parents, older sister Pei-Pei, younger brother Natty, and youngest, Ruby. Loss seems to be a central theme throughout the novel. Although the casual domestic violence typical of many Asian households got under my skin, the book is skilfully written in a simple, profound, beautiful, and melancholic way.

Thank you definitelybooks for sending this beautiful review copy! The Unpassing by Chia-Chia Lin is available from all good local bookstores.

Despite a deceptively sweet looking cover, So Lucky by hotpatooties is a book that is delves headfirst into a minefield of issues, with a specific focus on what it means to be lucky - can we truly attain this feeling? Thanks to harpercollinsaustralia for my review copy. Full review on my blog www.

Book 11 in the 20Backlistinchallenge with certifiedbookaddicts thanks to hosts jaylamm. True, the story was sometimes hard to follow the novel has a very interesting and original composition but altogether I loved the ride.

It's interesting that although it's supposed to be a dystopian novel, I have a feeling that most of it is quite normal rendition of the s reality in South Africa. Yet, at times the reader gets transported to s - s. There were fantastic and SciFi elements and lots of eco politics, but I still think it is mostly a coming-of-age story of a girl whose mother goes missing I loved the storytelling, pacing and characters.

A sidenote - I found myself wishing I would be more familiar with South African recent history. I listened to Daisy Jones and The Six by tjenkinsreid via audio book. This novel also fulfils the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge category, a book that won an award in I love the maddening smell of lilies-of-the-valley and I loved the maddening spell of this book.

Being romantic and caring, apple of the eyes of her parents. No matter the hardships, she has always been surrounded by love of her parents and friends. Now an ugly truth hits her shattering her beliefs, she winds up in a beach house.

She has a deadline to finish her romantic book, writer's block and an irritating neighbor she totally hates. She is just like me, starry eyed and always believing in the power of love. Best thing about her is that she holds on to her beliefs even though the whole world may tell her that she Is impractical for that. Book : Rhythm Roger. Author: Himanshu Rai. Genre : Science Fiction. This story revolves the majestic protagonist! I finished my first audiobook today! If you are an Amy Poehler fan I would definitely recommend this book.

If you are looking for something different from the usual romance fare on offer inn the contemporary fiction field, The One by kaneanamaywriter may be just what you are looking for! Highly recommended! Thanks to harlequinaus for my review copy. Full review on my blog, www. To write a letter to someone who is not alive. Laurel chooses to write to Kurt Cobain because her sister loved him and he also died young.

Laurel strangely finds this soothing, to talk to someone who isn't even alive and can't even hear her probably, but she continues writing her feelings to Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger,Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and many more. The writer not only has a unique writing approach to this book, but has also woven it to be like a complete fairy tale.

I read it at a point in my life when I was very depressed and I loved this book so much I almost forgot what was happening around me and was completely absorbed in this. Swipe to see all 3. The bookofthemonth books are selling well. We must take our pleasures where we can find them. Let us not become so cautious that we forget to live. While living in NYC with her aunt Peg above the flamboyant Lily Playhouse, Vivian met showgirls, playwrights, actresses, and found herself in the world of theatre, costuming and feminine sexuality.

It made me want to throw on a feather boa and grab a martini! Blair Brown expertly narrates this world and gives life to the words on the page. For my full review visit the link in my bio! I am the biggest Libby app supporter of them all!!

This is my go to app for all things audiobook and ebook. This has one of the largest varieties of books, and I love the easy to use format! Now re-reading it in order I've nearly finished this page monster! What's your favourite fantasy novel? Just what I needed as the school year comes to an end. Firstly this is not a paid promotion and today morning as I was checking my comment section this young aspiring author had asked me to take a look at her book. She is just 12 years old and trying really hard to promote her book.

Honestly speaking I have not read the book and I still decided to give her a shout out. Here's her message for guys. If you are interested do check out my profile Thank you so much! This means a lot to my aspiring career. Thank you so much for the 1k. And hope you guys are safe. If you have any suggestions or ideas that I can implement on this page please do let me know.

QOTD : Which special edition book feature is your favorite? This fairyloot exclusive edition of Serpent and Dove by shelbymahurin has so many! It has the sprayed edges, autograph, endpapers, and even the reversible dust jacket art!

I will let you know in my stories when it comes out! My channel link is in my bio! Started reading this book in february, and i finished it today. Been published at My favorite books of , the best reading year I've had in ages. Finally got to Sanderson and Rothfuss, who clearly are giants of modern adult fantasy for good reason. As soon as I can tear myself away from Robin Hobb, that is. I also saw another bookstagramer so that was super cool!

I hope as I grow older that I can also send books to other people who love books. Hey guys! Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but there were just a lot of things going on and I didn't really have the time. And Harry Potter is one of them as well of course, I am rereading it right now! I'm at Chamber of Secrets and I really forgot how much I hate that book.

These are some of the most genuine and captivating books I've read during the fragile thirty second year of my life.

I am about to make a jump in the history and read Aristotle next. He claimed that the human body is in its greatest strength between the age of 30 and This is my belief for the next few years. Then, who knows - necessitas non habet legem.

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Rose Tattoo

Just bought in! These used books are recent releases. As early as So come snag them at a great price verses then new retail price! Written from the perspective of a child, Gavin recounts life with his parents, older sister Pei-Pei, younger brother Natty, and youngest, Ruby.


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