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Post a Comment. Home contact us About me Privacy Policy. Mode Malam. Suling Naga is the 13th Episode of the series A. Kek Sian Su by A. Kho Ping Hoo. This episode marked the end of the Suma family era as the main male character and was replaced by a number of outside figures, although for the main female characters and the sciences handed down some were still sourced from the Suma family.

This episode is a direct connection from the 12th episode titled The Story of the Swordsman of the Ice Island, and the story goes to the 14th episode titled The Story of the White Heron. Dragon Flute Liong-siauw-kiam itself is the name of a powerful fictitious flute-shaped weapon with a sharp edge like a sword, made of rare wood soaked in a reinforcement potion so that its strength even exceeds steel.

Hereditary is owned by a hermit in the Himalayas until finally bequeathed to Sim Houw. The fighter who holds this heritage has the right to hold the title of the Dragon Flute Warrior. This heirloom weapon is uniquely very harmonious with the combination of the golden flute inherited from the Pendekar Suling Mas II Kam Hong and the stealth dragon sword inherited from his own father.

At the same time, the heretical supernatural character Sam-kwi 3 devils who was very ambitious to destroy the Ice Island family and seize Liong-siauw-kiam galvanized a new student named Can Bi Lan, but that only caused Bi-kwi's holy envy.

Beautiful Devil Ciong Siu Kwi who then distorted all the knowledge that Can Bi Lan learned to cause him to become confused and severe poisoning. Fortunately he met a family partner of the Kao Kok Cu - Wan Ceng Desert who treated and adopted him as a student, even he was lent to the deadly sword Ban-tok-kiam Poison Selaksa Sword. Suma Ciang Bun who wanders without direction accidentally lifts up a student of a boy named Gu Hong Beng who he rescues from the hands of the tyrannical district head who killed both of the children's parents.

Seven years later, Sim Houw was known as the Dragon Flute Warrior, always being harassed by students of Sam-kwi who intended to seize his weapon. On one occasion, Gu Hong Beng, who was traveling with Can Bi Lan after running away from his sanctity met with the heretical Sai-cu Lama who succeeded in seizing Ban-tok-kiam. At the palace, Prime Minister Hou Seng's despotic candidate had a desire to perpetuate his grip on Emperor Kian Liong, so he sought to gather high-skilled people to protect himself and to eliminate his rivals, including among his victims an honest minister named Pouw Tong Ki and his family are accused of treason.

But the grandfather of Bu-beng Lo-kai Unnamed Old Beggar Gak Bun Beng managed to save the family's only daughter Pouw Li Sian and freed his granddaughter Suma Lian from kidnapping, the two children were later adopted by students and vowed as foster brothers.

Gak Bun Beng himself became a wandering traveler after the death of his wife Milana due to mental stress due to his twin sons - Gak Jit Kong and Gak Goat Kong Beng-san Sian-eng or Pair of Garuda of Beng-san - fell in love and married only with one woman - Souw Hwi Lan - who is none other than their own student.

The dispute between the straight wing warriors and the heretical subordinates of Hou Seng after the 7 th 7 staged 7 fight was won by the warriors. Hou Seng's power began to weaken ever since. As a result there was a misunderstanding between the family and the Red Robes Old priest. Moreover, the death of Ang I Lama shortly afterwards while trying to save Kao Hong Li actually worsened the atmosphere because of the family's previous visit to Tibet.

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Bu kek kang sinkang jilid 3

List of ebooks and manuels about Download bu kek kang sinkang pdf. How old was Mr. Kang when his wife had a birthday party for him? Name one of Mr. Refr : Gusti kang nganti Gusti kang nganti, temah kita tansah basuki.


Download bu kek kang sinkang pdf

Keris Pusaka Nogopasung 3. Harta Karun Jengis Khan 7. Kisah Si Rase Terbang. Link untuk Cerita Silat Buyankaba.


Sinopsis cersil Mandarin: Serial ke-13 Bu Kek Sian Su (Suling Naga)

List of ebooks and manuels about Bu kek kang sinkang jilid 3. Hye Kang. How old was Mr. Kang when his wife had a birthday party for him? Name one of Mr. Refr : Gusti kang nganti Gusti kang nganti, temah kita tansah basuki. Bab kang padha uga diandharake dening Indarti 3 yen drama minangka karya sastra kang ditulis awujud pacelathon




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