Quick Links. Table of Contents. Basic Operation Guide Please read this guide before operating this product. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Basic Operation Guide Please read this guide before operating this product. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Registering Destinations in the Address Book. However, as we are constantly improving our products, if you need an exact specification, please contact Canon. The machine illustration in this manual may differ slightly from your machine.

Page 3 Overview of the Machine Functions Depending on the system configuration and product purchased, some functions may not be available. Copying You can use various copy functions. Basic Operation Guide Copying see on p.

Page 4 Scanning You can retrieve documents scanned with this machine to your computer. Basic Operation Guide Scanning see on p. Page 6 3 Registering Destinations in the Address Book Page 7 Contents Send Start Speed Before using the machine, please read the following instructions for your safety. Available Features The table below shows the available features. Indicates a warning that may lead to death or serious injury if not observed.

Explains how to avoid actions that could injure you or damage your machine. Page Safety Precautions — Unplug the machine from the wall outlet and contact your local authorized Canon dealer in any of the following cases: When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed. Page Location Do not place your hands, hair, clothing, etc. Even if the machine is not in — operation, your hands, hair, or clothing may get caught in the rollers, which may result in personal injury or damage if the machine suddenly starts printing.

Page Power Supply If you notice anything unusual smoke, strange odors, noises around the machine, unplug the power cord immediately.

Contact your local authorized Canon dealer. Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord, and do not place the machine where the cord will be — Page Telephone Equipment Chapter EST Monday through Friday. On-line support for 24 hours is also available at the website.

Page Copyright Canon Inc. This product contains software made available to Canon Inc. Page Fcc Federal Communications Commission If your equipment malfunctions, please contact your local authorized Canon dealer from whom you purchased the equipment if under warranty , or with whom you have a servicing contact. If you are not sure who to contact, and have both purchased and are using the equipment in the U. Page Users In The U. Key telephone systems are not recommended because they send nonstandard signals to individual telephones for ringing and special codes, which may cause a facsimile error.

Page 21 Manual, disconnect the equipment from the telephone line cable and disconnect the power cord. The telephone line cable should not be reconnected or the main power switch turned ON until the problem is completely resolved. Users should contact their local authorized Canon Facsimile Service Dealer for the servicing of equipment. The termination of an interface may consist of any combination of devices subject only to the requirement that the sum of the RENs of all the devices does not exceed five.

This means that the machine does not produce hazardous radiation. Page Before Using The Machine Before Using the Machine This chapter describes what you should know before using this machine, such as the names of the parts and their functions, and basic settings to use various functions. Machine Components Main Operation Panel Page Maintaining The Toner Cartridge — Be careful of counterfeit toner cartridges Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toner cartridges in the marketplace.

Use of counterfeit toner cartridge may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner cartridge.

If this setting is incorrect, you will be unable to communicate with other machines. Make sure to check the type of telephone line that you are using, and make the correct setting. Setting the Sleep Mode If the machine remains idle for a certain period of time, it automatically enters the Sleep mode. Press [Menu]. Page Documents And Print Media Documents and Print Media This chapter describes the types of paper and documents that can be used with the machine and how to load paper in the paper cassette and the multi-purpose tray.

Documents Requirements Note that the margin widths listed are approximate and there may be slight variations in actual use. Place a document face down. Align the document with the appropriate paper size marks. If your document does not match any of the paper size marks, align the center of your document with the arrow mark.

The document is ready for scanning. Store paper at Paper cassette Maximum 1 sheet Page 52 Fan the paper stack and even the edges. Load the paper into the paper cassette with the print side up. Make sure the paper stack sits below the small fin A on the side paper guide. Adjust the paper guide rail to match the size of paper. Load paper one by one in the multi- purpose tray.

Page 54 Slide the paper guides so that they fit to both sides of the paper. If the paper guides do not fit the size of the paper, the print quality may be deteriorated. Specify the size and the type of the paper you load.

Whenever you change the paper size and type in the cassette and the tray, follow the procedure in this section to adjust the paper size and type settings for the cassette and the tray. Page 57 About the Address Book The Address Book is divided into one-touch keys and coded dial codes.

You can store up to 8 destinations in one-touch keys, and destinations in coded dial codes, for a total of destinations in the whole Address Book. Page 62 Press and hold [Clear] to erase the fax number, then press [OK]. Registering Group Addresses The recipients must be registered in one-touch keys or coded dial codes beforehand. Changing Group Name Press [Menu]. Page Copying Copying This chapter describes the copying features.

Overview of Copy Functions Place documents on the platen glass or load them in the ADF. If you cancel a copy job during scanning, make sure to remove the document. A correct selection is necessary for the optimal reproduction of the colors of the document. Page 76 — [numeric keys] to enter the desired copy quantity 1 to If you want to copy multiple documents using the platen glass, place a document and press [Start] once for each page.

Page Adjusting Density Adjusting Density Adjusting Density You can adjust the density to the most appropriate level for the document either automatically or manually.

Adjusting Automatically You can adjust the density to the most appropriate level for the document automatically. Place documents. Page Adjusting Manually Adjusting Manually You can adjust the density to the most appropriate level for the document manually. Press [COPY]. Press [Density] to select the manual mode. Press [ ] or [ ] to adjust the copy density, then press [OK].

Preset Zoom You can enlarge or reduce standard size documents to another standard paper size. This function is useful when making handouts for meetings. Page 86 — [numeric keys] to enter the desired copy quantity 1 to Turn and place the card. Page 2-Sided Copying 2-Sided Copying 2-Sided Copying This mode enables you to make 2-sided copies from 1-sided or 2-sided documents, or make 1-sided copies from 2-sided documents.

This enables you to cut print costs in half when copying in large quantities. Place documents in the ADF. The default settings are the followings: — You can use this function to test how the printouts will look with current settings. Page 95 Page Fax This chapter describes how to use fax functions. Overview of Fax Functions


Canon Imageclass D480 Multifunction Printer 2711B054Aa Users Manual Basic Operation Guide

Manual zz. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Contents Overview of Machine Functions After you set up the machine, you can use the functions described in the illustration bellow. For the details of each function, refer to the Basic Operation Guide and e-Manual.


imageCLASS D480


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