The drum in your Canon business copier, which is a part that works hand-in-hand with the toner cartridge, is susceptible to dust and dirt. A dirty drum transfers debris onto paper, resulting in dirty copies and documents containing missing words and graphics. Your Canon copier may also imprint streaks of toner around the edges of copies. These substances not only damage the drum but also your copier. Turn off and unplug your Canon copier.

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Printer Settings. All the settings about the printer are listed with short descriptions. Default settings are marked with a dagger. If a print setting is specified both from the printer driver and the operation panel of the machine, the specification from the printer driver overrides that from the operation panel. The specification from the operation panel becomes effective in some specific cases, such as when you are printing from UNIX or other operating system on which printer drivers for the machine are not available.

Specifying these settings is unnecessary, for example, when you print using the UFR II printer driver. Default Paper. Paper Size Override. Print Quality. Auto Error Skip. Prioritize Multi-Purpose Tray. Multi-Purpose Tray. Force Output. Perform printing even when the paper size setting in the printer driver and the size of the loaded paper are rather different. Display an error message and do not perform printing when the paper size setting in the printer driver and the size of the loaded paper are rather different.

If the settings in the printer driver do not match the size and type of the loaded paper, a paper jam or printing error may occur. Off On. Set the default paper size and type. Printing will be performed with paper of the size and type set here when you want to print from an OS not supporting printer drivers or from a mobile device or other device not supporting paper size and type settings.

Select whether to switch between printing on A4 and LTR size paper if one of these paper sizes is loaded but the other is not. Configuring Printer Settings on the Machine.

Adjust the toner density. Adjusting Print Density. You can save toner consumption. If bar codes printed with this machine cannot be read, set this item. When printing from the computer, the setting in the printer driver takes precedence.

Special Printing Mode A. If you are binding the printouts with a binding tool such as a stapler, use this item to specify whether to bind on the long or short edge. Long Edge. The value " Specify the print position shift direction and shift width. You can adjust the binding margin in units of 0. Setting Value. Irrespective of the paper source, you can shift the print position in units of 0. To shift in the reverse direction, specify a value with a "-" sign. Printing stops if a certain error occurs in the process.

Set the time period after which the current print job is automatically canceled in the case of a print data reception interruption. Specify the mode in which the machine should operate when the format of document data is unknown.

Specify whether to feed paper from the multi-purpose tray when Auto Select Paper is enabled. You can select the printing method to reproduce halftones the intermediate range between the lighter and darker areas of an image for optimal image quality. For each document, you can make settings by type of image. Color Tone. Select the object for which to change the setting. Produces a fine print with clear edges of text.

It is suitable for printing characters and fine lines. Produces a sharp print with strong contrast of lightness and darkness. It is suitable for printing image data such as photo image data. Produces a print with smooth gradation or smooth edges. It is suitable for printing figures or graphs containing gradation areas. It is suitable to obtain a print of character data or fine line data or CAD data with sharp edges.

Select whether to save paper by not outputting blank pages in documents. Specify the font to use by selecting a corresponding font ID number. You can print the PCL font list with font samples from the operation panel. PCL Font List. Set the font size in points, adjustable in 0. Set the font pitch, or cpi characters per inch , adjustable in 0. Set the number of lines printed on one page from 5 to Select the character code that is most suited for the computer you send print data from.

Select whether to set a custom paper size. Select whether to append a carriage return CR when the machine receives a line feed code LF. Select whether to expand the width of the printable area of A4 size paper in portrait orientation to that of LTR size. This setting enables you to specify the amount of time before a job times out. If a job has not finished within the set time limit, the job automatically cancels. This setting determines whether an error page is printed when an error is encountered.

You can select ways to convert color values to a grayscale value when you print color print data. This section describes the settings to convert the color data into grayscale data. Prints images with fine gradation, such as digital camera images, with a smooth finish. Specify whether to shrink multiple pages and print them on one page in such arrangement that the first page is positioned at top left. Specify whether to print comments.

Color data is converted to monochrome with emphasis on color differences so that a smooth gradation is achieved. Color data is converted to monochrome so that the resulting image looks like a television picture of the NTSC system. Color data is converted to monochrome so that R, G, and B are uniformly converted to the same gray level.

As time passes after a print job starts, image quality may decrease depending on the print data. Specify how the machine is to behave when image quality has significantly decreased. The machine continues the print job regardless of the degree of decrease in image quality. When image quality has significantly decreased, the machine displays an error message and stops the print job. Priority of settings If a print setting is specified both from the printer driver and the operation panel of the machine, the specification from the printer driver overrides that from the operation panel.

Off Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3. Print density will be lighter when you select stronger improvement. Long Edge Short Edge. Short Edge. Left edge of paper. Top edge of paper. A value with a "-" sign. Right edge of paper.

Bottom edge of paper. Portrait Landscape. Millimeters Inches. Yes No. This setting is invalid for black-and-white data. Gradation Error Diffusion. Off Auto. Output Display Error.


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