The duplexer is a critical part of many repeater systems. When searching the markets for a pre-owned unit, it is often difficult to determine the suitability of available units to a particular application. Finding specifications, especially for models that are no longer in production, can be a very frustrating process. This guide is intended as an aid to those searching for a duplexer or wishing to verify the performance of a unit that is already in service. Basic specifications are given for each unit. This is not a complete technical reference.

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Celwave a-2n. The best tool to use to remove these is a pipe cutter, but a hacksaw can be used as well. Chat to buy!

These duplexers are capable of handling up to Watts of continuous input power. Versions for use from 30 - MHz. I cut about off 5 inches which allows my duplexer to tune between and MHz. The high frequency section of a duplexer is designed to be tuned to the higher frequency whether that happens to be either the transmit frequency or the receive frequency.

Although called a duplexer by the mfg. A wide variety of duplexer and filter options are available to you, such as compatible printing, application, and standard. This is published by our facility in Hillerod, Denmark which manufactures a line of marine antennas. The aluminum is irridite and the entire unit painted for additional protection. US January 29th, Specify pass and reject frequencies. A couple of old cavity resonators were discovered in the back shed.

Because of maximum cavity size limit, copper water pipe may still be indicated for UHF and above. All duplexers are factory turned. Once you start moving a duplexer away from its tuned frequency, the losses become exponentially greater. The duplexer on this machine is a 2 cavity decibel products unit, and the machine delivers 80 watts out of the duplexer to the antenna.

This pass-reject duplexer is ideal for systems with very close frequency spacing. Rx Insertion loss, dB.

Fumei vhf mhz 30w duplexer for radio. Summary More thinking will need to be done about Heliax state. If you need assistance, call us at and we can help specify the correct duplexer for your specific application. This is why most portable repeaters are UHF or above but you do see them in the LMR space for example, my itinerants have 5.

The antenna, by the way, is installed at about feet up the tower, and was a leftover gift from a paging company when they moved to a different location. Shop with confidence on eBay! I have another duplexer listed as well here, so please check my other listings. Get it as soon as Mon, Sep These units have a MIN Channel spacing of 1.

Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Radio Communication Filters. EMR Corporation is an official licensed manufacturer of the products contained in this brochure. GSM Full Band Duplexer Model This duplexer provides excellent isolation between the transmit and receive bands with minimal signal degradation. Celwave a Duplexer Rfs Product Reviews for RFS - MHz Compact Duplexer A Product reviews help other customers decide which product to purchase, where the best deals are, and your get a sense of what to expect with the product.

Please ask questions before bidding, refer to pictures for what is included and conditition of items. Tested UHF dipole antenna on side of building good strong signal to Duplexers are used to simultaneously transmit and receive from a single antenna.

The Telewave TPCD duplexer allows simultaneous operation of a transmitter and receiver into a common antenna. Duplexer Tuning is additional labor charge. Thanks for looking.

Rfs celwave uhf 6 cavity duplexer mhz 50 watt part number hfea type n connectors this is the duplexer motorola vertex standard depends on in their low power repeaters. Most of this came from the threaded notch tuning rod, but some were from the female threads themselves.

Sebagai contoh, duplexers ponsel dirancang untuk menangani daya rendah dan sangat kompak dalam ukuran. To build a duplexer for to band get 4 coffee cans at least 36 ounces or larger. We include a brief note in our Celwave marine antenna catalog. Two other curves are shown to represent the transmitter wide band noise spectrum and the desensitization curve of the receiver front end.

Essentially, 3 dB is added to the actual dBd or dBi numbers to arrive at "marine" gain figure. February 7 Government Auction. They are produced for VHF and UHF range of frequency and tipically they are used for amateur radio repeater with single antenna. Sale ends in 13d 3h 40m. All equipment worked when removed from service. Works as it should. This includes applications needing multi-band co-location, Duplexer Repair. Tx Frequency, MHz. If you can research "return loss" or watch some videos on tuning duplexers, you'll have a better understanding.

Base station duplexer dirancang untuk menangani daya radio dasar yang lebih tinggi dan umumnya dirancang untuk menjadi mountable dalam rak peralatan standar. The use of extruded. Occasionally duplexers are even used as two-channel transmit combiners but the total average power cannot exceed the product's rating. Band pass band reject in good shape was tuned to the ham band last i have more stuff than i need and its time to sell out check for other items. We were able to tune these very quickly and easily using the new Chinese KCH network analyser more about that in another post.

The A Mobile Duplexer uses four resonators and cabling similar to A. This mic includes a 24 inch straight cord assembly, 3. EMR Corp ensures only the highest quality radio frequency products leave our facility, and has been designing, supporting and manufacturing high frequency radio equipment for over 34 years.

Normally a well made duplexer will isolate the Tx noise and desense from the Rx, making a clean repeater. It is different from Duplexer which seperates 2 frequencies on the same band. Kategori www. In radar and radio communications systems, it isolates the receiver from the transmitter while permitting them to share a common antenna.

This means you will be able to use existing two way radios integrated in with new digital radios on the same system. The MFJB duplexer is a series of inductance coils and capacitors that act as a band-pass filter. I think de-sense is the issue. Whether your site is located on a mountain in the Andes, or in Colorado, we provide custom services to meet your needs. Looks to me like that duplexer was one of their standard "5 MHz" spacing models, which normally would not have sufficient isolation at kHz.

The repeaters listed were used with these duplexers when in operation. Good Luck. New and used Repeater Duplexer items up for sale. Duplexer, 6 cavity extremely compact, BNC con. Dijual bagi yg paham saja tentang kualitas JRC. Mint condition. Duplexer dirancang untuk berbagai aplikasi berbasis frekuensi operasional dan utilitas.

Duplexer for use with standard repeater - must specify Frequency for tuning. Removed from Repeater. The product specifications and data presented in this Duplexer for use with standard repeater - must specify Frequency for tuning.

Most radio repeater systems include a duplexer. Very few people in the land mobile business have heard this term. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? The TPRD has two pass-reject cavities in the transmitter and receiver sections.

Duplexers are designed for various application based on operational frequency and utility. This is what it looks like. The use of extruded aluminum cavities and solid-shield copper-jacketed intercabling ensures excellent mechanical and electrical stability.

I have tuned the duplexer with a spectrum analyzer and am getting around 70dB of rejection. Previous Product. The Comprod Inc. They are three-port Duplexers. Specifications are given here for 5 MHz and 10 MHz separations. It can cover anywhere in the MHz frequency range, depending on the interconnect cable kit. Brand new and used for sale. This duplexer was manufactured by celwave who later took over This 6 cavity flat pack duplexer is new old stock and has never been used. Are you looking for the best UHF Duplexer for sale?

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