I have only recently discovered the wonders of animation and have got into using Corel Rave - can anyone point me in the right direction for a good site to find online tutorials? I would really appreciate it as I find that there are not a lot of books available on this subject. Many people complained that RAVE made large files this is true if you're not very aware of how you're creating files so make sure that you work in a web mode with rendersing resolution set for the web. All rights reserved. The content herein is in the form of a personal web log "Blog" or forum posting.

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Post a Comment. Good evening Ladies and Gentle men,. I want to use this blog to educate us on how to do a simple animation with Corel R. Tutorials on Corel R. What is Corel R. Corel R. Real Animated Vector Effects a vector-based animation application that comes as part of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite starting in version It has the ability of creating interactive object-based animations and movies for the Web.

Here you'll find tutorials and information on working with Corel R. The hardest side of the any animation process is the planning stage, first you need to have basic idea of what you want to design, how you want the objects you designed to behave. Creating the actual animation is very simple.

In this tutorial I will be starting from basic for those that has no knowledge of Corel R. How To Open Corel R. Click on Start Menu Icon,.

Place you cursor on all programs. Scroll to Corel graphic suite 11, the click to Corel R. Once you see Welcome to Corel R. In the Welcome to Corel R. Click the New Movie to start a fresh animation design from Scratch ii.

Click Open Last Edited to restart your last animation work continue where you stopped iii. Click Open Movie to open any animation design saved in your computer open an existing file.

Click Corel Tutor, to learn how to use some task on R. E Step by Step approach. In Corel R. The Stage is where you design you graphic before adding animating effects. Title Bar: This bar displays the file and programme name, it is normally located at the top most of the application. From menu bar you can perform series of task like save, open insert new page, copy, cut, paste, movie setup, assistance etc. Standard Bar: this bar serves as shortcut for menu bar, most of the items you get in menu bar are place in standard bar for easy usage.

Property Bar: it help in setting and adjusting each tools from Tool Bar. Its use for swift control of the page. Color Palette: the palette can be located at the right side of the window. There you get all the color to beautify your design etc. Illustration 1: i. Leave the Resolution and Frame Rate at 96 and 12 per seconds. Click ellipse shape at tool bar, then click and drag the ellipse to form circle shape at you page. Go to property bar and type 13 at both Object Size to get equal round shape.

Give it any color of your choice, mine is Green. At time frame label 4, click the Lifeline black circle and drag to Double click the dot at fram10 to change to hollow block shape ix. Click the ball at you white page and drag vertical Down. Click Menu bar, File, Save As, from the dialog box select the folder to save the file. Type the File name and click Save button. Your animation is ready to be tested. Good luck Illustration 2 We are going to design another simple animation lets save it as Blink.

Open Corel R. Click the ellipse tool and draw a circle using property object size setting px. Click the duplicated circle, go to property bar and change the object size to Click the 2 circle shapes. At property bar click Trim, deselect the shapes then select the smaller circle and delete.

Click Rectangle Tool and draw rectangle shape at the stage. Select the circle and rectangle, press Key C and E to center the shape and Weld them. Now let add animation to it. Change the duplicated shape to Red fill color from color palette. Save and play the movie as we did in illustration 1. Note: In Illustration 1, we used a hollow block square to create our animation, but in Illustration 2 we used the circular lifeline.

It all depend on what you want to design. Good Luck, enjoy. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


Corel Rave 12 Tutorial 2

Embed Size px x x x x Creating an animated logoWelcome to Corel R. You can view a sample of the project by clicking here. As you complete the project, youll learn how to increase the life span of objects tween single objects tween groups of objects preview animation effects export a project to the Macromedia Flash SWF format. Opening the sample fileYou'll start by opening the sample file containing the logo of an imaginary coffee shop. Increasing the life span of the logo componentsCurrently, the logo exists in one frame only.


Tutorial Corel Rave

Post a Comment. Good evening Ladies and Gentle men,. I want to use this blog to educate us on how to do a simple animation with Corel R. Tutorials on Corel R.

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