Horizontal resolution line. Day and night transforma. By making with Panasonic special high performance such as: times each pixel based dynamic range image contrast correction function , and achieved excellent image display accurately. A new intelligent features include: automatic image stabilization function, scene change detection and automatic tracking function. Bring high reliability for outdoor monitoring. WV - CW will play a positive role in the field of many security.

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Copyright www. Language Selection: Chinese English. The level of resolution lines. Day and night the high sensitivity of the conversion function infrared filter color change black color low light 0. The sixth generation of super dynamic technology, dynamic range up to times. The HD 36 optical zoom, 20 times of electronic zoom lens. The automatic tracking of moving object function.

It conforms to the IP66 standard of outdoor waterproof and dustproof. The suitable for outdoor: as in the sixth generation of super dynamic outdoor night type dome camera The sixth generation of super dynamic outdoor Panasonic launch night type dome camera, optical zoom lens equipped with protective cover, built-in integration of PTZ and 36 times, can be rotated by deg.

By using the unique advanced features of Panasonic such as: image contrast correction function based on times dynamic range of each pixel , excellent image display is realized. New smart features include: automatic image stabilization, scene change detection and automatic tracking.

High reliability for outdoor monitoring. WV-CW will play an active role in many security fields. It is ideal for parking lots, amusement parks, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, highways, urban roads and squares.

The product features Compared with the traditional camera, super dynamic 6 can provide times wider dynamic range.

High resolution: lines. High sensitivity with day and night conversion function: F1. Automatic tracking: the camera automatically tracks the largest moving object in the picture, and can rotate the pitch to keep the target at the center of the picture. VMD video moving detector 8x6 masking area. Scene change detection alarm: when the lens is covered, painted, moved or defocused.

Alarm linkage includes: port output, preset preset, automatic rotation, patrol, SEQ, sorting, automatic tracking, black and white and instruction output. Automatic image stabilizer can be used for vibration or strong wind. Internal synchronization. Camera captions can display up to 16 characters at most. Conforms to IP66 waterproof and dustproof standard.

Compatible with IEC measurement standards. Built in sun shade, the camera can work in direct sunlight.


Panasonic WV-CW590 Manuals



WV-CW590 - Analog Camera



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