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Submit News. Today's Posts. Map DB. Submit Maps. DFX2 Maps. DFX Maps. DFX Mods. Map Making. Tut Maps. JO Maps. JO:E Maps. JO:IC Maps.

JO:AW2 Maps. JO Mods. BHD Stats. BHD Maps. BHD Mods. Basic Bin File Tutorial. Triggered Text. User Rating:. Thanks to Chrislew and Siops for taking the time to create these handy file. This program was written to make it easier to clean the cache folder out for Novalogic Games Currently only supports BHD. It does require the. Download hosted at deltaforcegaming. You do not need this update if you have Team Sabre installed. And there you go no CD to play the game! This No CD Patch is not to be used with warez copies of the game.

As usual, using this in a Novaworld Server will get you punted and banned.. They are the.. Thanks to Chrislew for taking the time to create this handy file. Thanks to Axe for this cool tool. This program receives uploads from your gameservers and displays the stats for each player on the web site. Game Servers must use the Bab. For more information visit the Bab. Keep in mind if converting Demo BMS files that it wont work with terrains that arent in the full version and it will issue a warning about the BMS file - however it works.

It allows you to view more map details than the lobby - so you can use this to find friends - or find a server hosting a map you like! Now works with the new 1. Bin Tools by Devilsclaw. Nova likes to call some files. Pappy NovaSheep posted with Permission from Novasheep. May be useful in setting up BHD maps with C4 wave files. The Player will need to source their own copy of Commanche 4 extract them, and place the needed ones in the BHD folder. The wave files are too big to supply in a zip.

Final version allows for an auto-update of offsets. Good Job once again Chancellor! Coop Me Now V1. Client update Ver 4. Full installer Ver 4. Server update Ver 4. With this program, you can edit names, macros, and the name editor has a built in charactor map! This eliminates the hassle of getting players on the correct team for the "vs all" servers. See other link for 2. DFBHD 1. I created an auto extract rar file for this, just follow the instructions given.

EE As usual, using this in a Novaworld Server will get you punted and banned.. Does not include standard BHD Maps In mp3 format. From EE's Workshop FV Master Addon 1.

Hud Def Mod This is a redefined hud. Just place the hudpos. Right click on your BHD Desktop icon.. Look in the "Target" line.. Thanks Eagle Eye. Mod Depot. Novaworld 2. Contact Us. Link To Us. Jobs at DFB. Our Mission. Terms Of Use. Special Ops.


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Submit News. Today's Posts. Map DB. Submit Maps. DFX2 Maps.


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