B ba bai ban bang bao bei ben beng bi bian biao bie bin bing bo bu. C ca cai can cang cao ce cei cen ceng cha chai chan chang chao che chen cheng chi chong chou chu chua chuai chuan chuang chui chun chuo ci cong cou cu cuan cui cun cuo. D da dai dan dang dao de den dei deng di dia dian diao die ding diu dong dou du duan dui dun duo. F fa fan fang fei fen feng fo fou fu. G ga gai gan gang gao ge gei gen geng gong gou gu gua guai guan guang gui gun guo.

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Account Options Fazer login. NOTE: if you experience download errors, see pleco. We offer 8 more free dictionaries as optional downloads, including a 22,entry Cantonese-English dictionary, and 19 other great dictionaries are available as paid upgrades. We also offer Cantonese dictionary and Cantonese audio add-ons. We also offer excellent customer support - send us an email and see for yourself - and an active user community at plecoforums.

We've been making Chinese dictionary apps since , and our sales and customer base have been steadily growing for 17 years across four different platforms. We take good care of our longtime users: people who bought a dictionary on a Palm Pilot in can still use that dictionary on a new Android phone in without even paying an upgrade fee. Paid add-ons can be moved to a new device like any other paid app; just open our free app on your new device and they should reactivate. If you already own Pleco on another OS, see pleco.

This app uses Accessibility services. Os complementos pagos podem ser movidos para um novo dispositivo como qualquer outro aplicativo pago; basta abrir nosso aplicativo gratuito no seu novo dispositivo e eles devem ser reativados. Bug fixes, including a fix for a database indexing issue that could cause some English full-text searches in PLC and CC to be missing results. Ver detalhes. Acesse o site. Veja mais. Chinese Dictionary. Dictionary Makers Co. Um software que suporta consultas de caracteres chineses.

Chinese English Dictionary Translation - Hanzii. Mobile Learning. Pinyin, escrita.


ISBN 13: 9788571295094



Mandarim (burocrata)


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