For every Durood Shareef that you recite, ten sins are forgiven, ten good deeds are entered into your sheet of actions and ten position are upgraded. May Thy grace and peace rest upon Hazrat Muhammad, our Master and our patron, the Wearer of Holy Cap, the one who ascended the Heavens, the rider of the Heavenly Steed and holder of the Flag of Divine Unity, the remover of calamity, epidemic, famine, disease, and pain. His name is written in Divine edict, exalted authorised for intercession and inscribed in the Tablet and Pen. His body is the most holy, pure, fragrant, full perfected in purity and luminous in the sanctuary of Kaaba and its precincts.

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I was in Medina where some people told me that Darood e Taj should not be recited since it has some concepts of "Shirk" in it. However, there are other people who tell me to recite it whenever in difficulty or when we want Allah to fulfill our desires. I am very confused as to whom should I listen to. Could you please clarify whether one should recite Darood e Taj?

A It has not been taught by the Holy Prophet sws. The Almighty has taught us to directly turn to him and has revealed the most beautiful words on his Messenger, which we can use to invoke His mercy.

B I have just gone through it and have noticed that it contains things expressive of polytheistic ideas. God send your blessings on our leader,. This is not acceptable to the Qur'anic concept of Islam. Therefore, one must not utter such thoughts. Asking for Allah's help uttering any words be they the part of the Qur'an is not rewarding. We need to pray to the Almighty with truest of intent and with fullest of conviction.

The prayers are not magical words which force the Almighty to deliver us from an adversity. We need to express our humbleness and our limitation and His powers and refer to His attributes of Mercy and affection. This is due to His mercy and our dependence on Him that He listens to our prayer not because of any sanctity of the words of the prayer expressed.

Therefore a seeker if does not have full trust and confidence in God and does not turn to him with hope and tries to bring others' intercessions that would not work. In times of trial I tend to express my need in my mother language because I can express myself through that medium better. Auto-login on future visits? Toggle navigation. Question I was in Medina where some people told me that Darood e Taj should not be recited since it has some concepts of "Shirk" in it.

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Darood Taj


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