Introduction: The presence of a structural lesion in the preoperative magnetic resonance imaging MRI of drug-resistant epilepsy patients has been usually associated with a favourable surgical outcome. We present our experience in our Epilepsy Surgery Unit. Patients and methods: Clinical records from patients, operated on from in our institution, were reviewed. Patients were classified, according to MRI findings, into three groups: surgical lesion SL , tumors or vascular malformations requiring surgery 'per se'; orientative lesion OL , dysplasia, atrophy or mesial temporal sclerosis; and NL group, with normal MRI. Seizure outcomes were analysed in relation to this classification.

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Publicado: Feb 20, Es conocido que el exceso de glutamato tiene como consecuencia la muerte neuronal: la excitotoxicidad. Mapping of neuronal networks underlying generalized seizures induced by increase doses of pentylenetetrazol in the immature and adult rat: a c-Fos immunohistochemical study. European Journal of "euroscience, 10, Arellano, J. Histopathology and reorganization of chandelier cells in the human epileptic sclerotic hippocampus.

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The role of microtubule-associated protein 2c in the reorganization of microtubules and lamellipodia during neurite initiation. Journal of "euroscience, 23, Eid, T. Glutamate and astrocytes--key players in human mesial temporal lobe epilepsy? Epilepsia, 49, Suppl 2 Elias, G. Proceedings of the "ational Academy of Sciences, , Emanuelson, I. Occurrence of epilepsy during the first 10 years after traumatic brain injury acquired in childhood up to the age of 18 years in the south western Swedish population-based series.

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Epilepsia del Lóbulo temporal

Publicado: Feb 20, Es conocido que el exceso de glutamato tiene como consecuencia la muerte neuronal: la excitotoxicidad. Mapping of neuronal networks underlying generalized seizures induced by increase doses of pentylenetetrazol in the immature and adult rat: a c-Fos immunohistochemical study. European Journal of "euroscience, 10,

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[Clinico-electroencephalographic Variants in Pharmacoresistant Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy]

Value of single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy in temporal lobe epilepsy. Diagnosis of medial temporal lobe seizure onset: relative specificity and sensitivity of quantitative MRI. Neurology ; Congenital disorders of the brain and spine. The requisites.


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La epilepsia mal controlada puede producir una serie de complicaciones y riesgos para la salud, entre los que se incluyen los siguientes:. Los riesgos pueden incluir los siguientes:. Estas pruebas pueden incluir las siguientes:. Se realiza una serie de pruebas para medir las habilidades de aprendizaje verbal y no verbal, y el funcionamiento de la memoria.

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