He is regarded as a key representative of critical realism [3] and as one of the most important twentieth century metaphysicians. Hartmann was born a Baltic German in Riga , which was then the capital of the Governorate of Livonia in the Russian Empire , and which is now in Latvia. He attended from the German-language high school in Saint Petersburg. In the years — he studied Medicine at the University of Yuryev now Tartu , and — classical philology and philosophy at the Saint Petersburg Imperial University with his friend Vasily Sesemann. In Marburg began a lifelong friendship with Heinz Heimsoeth.

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Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon e-mail: rc ontology. Ontology - Mirror Website. Hartmann, Frida, and Heimsoeth, Renate, eds. Bonn: Herbert Grundmann. Hartmann, Nicolai. Edited by Cohen Hermann and Natorp Paul. Giessen: Giessen: Topelmann. Philosophische Grundfragen Der Biologie. Berlin - Leipzig: Walter De Gruyter. Die Philosophie Des Deutschen Idealismus. Berlin: Heise.

Die Philosophie Der Deutschen Idealismus. Ii: Hegel. Berlin: Pan-Verlagsgesellschaft. Das Problem Des Geistigen Seins. Berlin: Walter De Gruyter. Der Aufbau Der Realen Welt. Grundriss Der Allgemeinen Kategorienlehre. Philosophie Der Natur. Abriss Der Speziellen Kategorienlehre. Kleinere Schriften I. Abhandlungen Zur Systematischen Philosophie. Systematische Selbstdarstellung 1; 2.

Neue Ontologie in Deutschland 51; 3. Ziele und Wege der Kategorialanalyse 89; 4. Die Erkenntnis im Lichte der Ontologie ; 5. Naturphilosophie und Anthropologie ; 7. Vom Wesen sittlicher Forderungen ; 9. Kleinere Schriften Ii. Abhandlungen Zur Philosophie-Geschicht. Der philosophische Gedanke und seine Geschichte 1; 2. Das Problem des Apriorismus in der Platonischen Philosophie 48; 3.

Aristoteles und das Problem des Begriffs ; 5. Zur Lehre vom Eidos bei Platon und Aristoteles ; 6. Die Wertdimension der Nikomachischen Ethik ; 8. Aristoteles und Hegel ; 9. Leibniz als Metaphysiker ; Die seits von Idealismus und Realismus ; Hegel und das Problem der Realdialektik ; Heinrich Maiers Beitrag zum Problem der Kategorien Kleinere Schriften Iii.

Vom Neukantismus Zur Ontologie. Zur Method der Philosophiegeschichte 1; 2. Systematische Methode 22; 3. Systembildung und Idealismus 60; 4. Philosophische Grundfragen der Biologie Logische und ontologische Wirklichkeit ; 7. Die Frage der Beweisbarkeit des Kausalgesetzes ; 8. Kategorien der Geschichte ; Das Wertproblem in der Philosophie der Gegenwart ; Alte und neue Ontologie ; Thesen zur Logik aus dem Philosophenlexikon ;.

Kant und die Philosophie unserer Tage ; Kants Metaphysik der Sitten und die Ethik unserer Tage ; Max Scheler ; Hegel ;. Selbstanzeige in den Kantstudien zu: Platos Logik des Seins ; Zu Wilhelm Sesemann ; Zu Balduin Schwarz ; Zu Arnold Gehlen ; Zu Robert Heiss Sinngebung Und Sinnerfullung.

Stuttgart: Reclam. Selections from the "Kleinere Schriften" published by Walter de Gruyter The Italian translation has been reprinted in: Nicolai Hartmann, - I ntroduzione all'ontologia critica - Napoli, Guida Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse no. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse Reprinted with a new introduction by Andreas A. Moral Phenomena ; II.

Moral Values ; III. Moral Freedom This article is a survey of the philosophical work done in Germany between and The survey includes anthropology, epistemology, metaphysics, existentialist ethics, and the history of philosophy.

Table of Contents: I. The end of old ontology 3; II. The categories of Being 11; III. A new concept of reality 23; IV. The new ontology and the new anthropology 32; V. The stratified structures of the world 43; VI. Old mistakes and new critique 54; VII. Modification of the fundamentals categories 63; VIII. The strata laws of the real world 73; IX. Dependence and autonomy in the hierarchy of strata 84; X.

Objections and prospects 99; XI. The stratification of the human being ; XII. Determination and freedom ; XIII. A new approach to the problem of knowledge Hartmann, Nicolai, and Peterson, Keith. In this essay Hartmann presents many of the fundamental ideas of his new critical ontology.

He summarizes some of the main points of his critique of neo-Kantian epistemology, and provides the point of departure for his new approach in an extensive criticism of the errors of the classical ontological tradition. Some of these errors concern the definition of an ontological category or principle, and others concern the relations among categories themselves. The outline for the new ontology is sketched through the correctives Hartmann appends to the treatment of each error, prefiguring his mature ontological system.

Hatmann, Nicolai. Paris: Beauchesne. Paris: Aubier. Traduzione di due saggi: Il pensiero filosofico e la sua storia e Filosofia sistematica di. Denti e R.


The Ontology of Nicolai Hartmann: An Annotated Bibliography



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