You're not depressed, you are just distracted, Distracted by life, Distracted from life around you, Dolphins, forests, seas, mountains, rivers. Do not fall into what your brother falls, suffering for a human being, when the world has 5. I live well alone, deciding at every moment what I want to do and thanks to the loneliness I know myself something fundamental to live for. Do not fall into what your father fell, feeling old because he was seventy, forgetting that Moses led the Exodus at his Eighties Rubinstein and Chopin played as anyone else at their nineties just to cite two known cases.

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Thank you for sharing it. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Login Registration. Proofreading requested. Spanish A A. Tenemos para gozar la nieve del invierno y las flores de la primavera,. Por eso es conveniente estar cerca de los que son buenos receptores,. El secreto de Einstein era seguir a las cabezas mas altas que la suya,.

El sabio sabe que la tarea es hacerse cargo de uno mismo y armonizar diferencias. Y si el hombre es lo que ama, somos todo lo que fue, lo que nos hizo posible,. Como sufres cuando se va tu hijo, porque te acostumbraste a pensar que eras solo padre. La tarea es armonizar esta gigantesca variedad que es la humanidad. Entonces tenemos que sacar de nuestro lenguaje la palabra decadencia. Chichicastenango, donde con una danza ordenaron a mi esqueleto,. English translation English. Versions: 1 2. You didn't make a single hair on your head, so you can't be the master of anything.

Furthermore, life doesn't take away things, it frees you of things. And on the other side wonderful people are waiting for you: Ghandi, Michelangelo, Whitman, St. One single man who had neither the talent nor courage to live ordered the death of six million Jewish bretheren. We have the snow in winter and the flowers of spring to enjoy,. Perugina chocolate 1 , French baguettes, Mexican tacos, Chilean wine, the oceans and rivers, Brazilian soccer and cigars by Chez Davidoff.

We have the "Thousand and One Nights" to enjoy 2. And if you have cancer or AIDS, there are two things than can happen, and they are both good. And if you win, you will be more humble, more grateful, and as a result you'll easily be happy,.

Help the child that needs you, that child could be your son's associate. If you'd listen to the other one, the one that's inside you, you'd know everything, you would find something for yourself in everything,. And thriving in love you would be more creative, without limits or conditions. The sage that is beyond the effects that you think of as good or bad,. That's why you will share everything and all will come graciously, then wealth will multiply at every step.

Do not live between limits, but in the very center of the miraculous,. And in the midst of the spirit world, reason comes into play, that cures cancer, that facilitates communications,. Thought takes you to new places and makes you see different ones, much nicer than the old ones,. Close your eyes and you will see what everything will be, liberated from historical time, you will travel at the speed of light.

Once the inner light is turned on, nothing can extinguish it, it is so perfect and incorruptible like gold. Remember what Jesus said, "Greater things are yet to be seen, and greater things are still to be done". The innocent is easily amused because her attention is attracted to everything,. Forget about what you think you are and begin right now, then you will easily coexist with everyone;. Let it out, and the games of your early years will recommence,. Free yourself from the image that others helped you forge, and you will return to the innocence that is our natural state.

Then you will be content with the wrinkles that confirm all that you have lived,. That's why it's advisable to be close to those who are good receptors,. The sage knows that the task is to take care of oneself and reconcile differences because to divide as well as impoverish is suicide. That is why there are deaths even on the soccer field. The sage does not divide, because everything is part of the whole,. Secondly, I ask your forgiveness for having implored so many times for your help,.

And lastly, I beg your forgiveness for being here asking You to forgive me when my heart knows that my sins are forgiven before they are committed,. Don't tire yourself out competing, God knows what it means to you and the knowledge that is in your heart,. To him we owe the bread, cheese, wine, music, paintings, airplanes and computers, among other things.

And if man is what he loves, we are everything he was, what made us possible,. That is to say that I went from destroyer to builder. To the poor I talk about hope and to the rich about transformation,.

Hope on the side of the poor, and transformation on the side of the rich will bring our brothers closer; and I came to work for this meeting, and when everyone comes together there will be no locks on the doors nor will there be boundaries,.

You ask me when Jesus will return, and I tell you that He never left,. A name and profession are distractions, prisons, limitations;. You can't move your body because it's too heavily burdened with the past,.

When you feel that you aren't what you think you are, you can fly,. How you suffer when your child leaves, because you've gotten used to thinking that all you are is a father.

Saint Francis was right, the sun and moon are brothers, the animals and plants are our brothers. And if I say our works, I'm talking about the paintings, music, literature, automobiles, airplanes, telephones, computers. You cannot find peace externally, if you don't have it internally. That is, if you can get somewhere, then the sensible thing is to begin again at every moment. We are the end of an extraordinary chain that is fifteen billion years old,.

Draw a "yes" on your forehead before going out on the street so that those who want to live will approach you. But the fear that is ignorance seperates us more and more, and this divorce sickens us and impoverishes everyone because humanity is such a lovely repertoire,. And to kill another is suicide because it is our continuation,. So then we have to remove the word decadence from our language,.

Everything was given to us, therefore nothing belongs to us. That's why he felt pursued by the shadow of having been a wretched soul. The first information of wisdom is to know who is the knowledgable one,. You are allowed to fall down, but not to remain on the floor. In this moment society is at a standstill because of traffic congestion,. Those who question move forward; those who don't question are left behind;.

Chichicastenango, 3 where with one dance they put my skeleton in order. London, Berlin, Brussells, Prague where romantic writers had such a high-minded idea of happiness that was never reached,. Madrid, where Lupe is always at the edge of thought but never falls,. It's a big step to let go of the egotism that compromises you, that enslaves you to so many external things, to inner freedom. Then peace is reached and peace makes you live completely with abundance;. Buddha's teachings are not weakened by he who does not believe in transmigration, 4.

How naive it is to think about a society without criminals, but anyone can become better if they try. You are not accountable to anyone if you don't hurt anyone, so nobody has to explain anything;. I come to remind you that we are all part of the most magnificent enterprise, humanity,. God expects that man will be a child again, to receive him in His bosom Added in reply to request by Ale Torres.

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You are not depressed, you are distracted, and distracted from the life that inhabits you. Distracted from the life around you: dolphins, forests, seas, mountains, rivers…. Do not end up as your sibling did, suffering because of a human being when there are more than million human beings in the world. Moreover it is not so bad to live alone. I do very well, deciding every moment what I want to do, and thanks to the solitude I know myself, something fundamental to live.



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No estás deprimido, estás distraido (English translation)

Vujind Get rid of your stock finish and switch over to a powder coated finish. Like this new 18 Lexus ES If his horse was faster than anything the bandits had, then he had a better chance coctelss getting home. Read Full Article at Distillery Trail. Asian Pear Mojito — Picture of P. Read Full Article at Free Times.

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