Security and Fire systems are a vital part of any commercial buildings safety strategy and are essential to protect the tenants as well as the goods and installations of a building. Amongst others, the systems are capable of detecting fire, automatically fighting fire e. While security and fire systems largely work autonomously, a combination with BMS systems can help to adopt a more complete security and fire strategy, which integrates other systems to help identifying and documenting the type and location of the fire, to actively limit its spread, and to execute automated evacuation strategies. Through this integration, additional features can be realized which are not possible with a standalone fire and smoke control system. They extend beyond simple monitoring and involve an active management of critical conditions. This fire detection systems can be tailored precisely to user requirements, applying six different plug-and-play modules which are fast and easy to install, replace or expand.

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The strict reduction in complexity and the clear operating surface is intended to ensure faster responses in the event of emergencies. The system deploys a black operator foil with capacitive keys that merely illuminate the functions that users require in a given situation. Users only see a beautifully designed surface as long as there is no imminent danger. This allows even novice users to operate the system intuitively.

FlexES control is a fire alarm control panel with extensive modification options to suit user requirements. Its modular arrangement permits simple integration of new components, meaning that at all times, just one single platform is needed to accommodate all functions.

The control panel can also be upgraded as needs arise. What this delivers is a security infrastructure that can be enlarged step for step, tailored precisely to meet current requirements. We picked the right partner in Polygon! Find out more about this project. The venture we are currently engaged in together with Polygon represents a significant milestone and paradigm shift in our 'Packstation history' to date They showed immense creative drive, expertise and professionalism.

It took just 8 weeks from the initial idea to production of the systems! Everything went smoothly thanks to the excellent and fair project management. This creative solution is ideal in ensuring the terminals are barrier-free and easy to service.

Our customers are thrilled that they can print coupons for the points they collect, then redeem the vouchers here in our stores. ESSER — fire alarm control panel. What customers say "A big thank you for the punctual delivery of all services, some of which were no doubt challenging.


ESSER – fire alarm control panel



Modules for FlexES System



Modules for FlexES System


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