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At least some content in this article is derived from information featured in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. As such, spoilers will be present within the article. For gameplay-specific information, please see the relevant article on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wiki! A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul in order to become immortal.

The process for the creation of a Horcrux involves a spell and a horrific act is performed soon after the murder has been committed. There are usually protective measures made to prevent a Horcrux from being stolen and destroyed, such as Counter-Charms and curses. The Horcrux is considered to be the darkest art and the most terrible of all dark magic.

The only other known creator of a Horcrux was Lord Voldemort , who was likely the only person to have successfully created more than one Horcrux. The nature and concepts of Horcruxes were so terrible, they were kept secret from most of the wizarding world , and very few people were ever made aware of their nature.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry banned any study of the subject of Horcruxes; Albus Dumbledore was particularly adamant in enforcing this rule. Very few books, even those revolving around the Dark Arts, would mention Horcruxes even in the slightest detail: Magick Moste Evile , a book that contained much information of advanced dark arts, barely skimmed the subject of Horcruxes as a subject so evil that it should not be spoken of.

In fact, only one known book, Secrets of the Darkest Art , had detailed information on the method and consequences of creating a Horcrux. No document in existence has information regarding a single individual creating multiple Horcruxes, as no wizard before Voldemort even thought of attempting such a feat; he only dared to when he asked the experienced Horace Slughorn for an expert opinion, under the guise of creating more than one Horcrux in theory.

Secrets of the Darkest Art gives clear instructions on making a Horcrux. The only known book that provided specific instruction on the creation and nature of a Horcrux was Secrets of the Darkest Art , which was once held in Hogwarts' library and later in Dumbledore's office.

Due to the book's extremely dark and dangerous nature, Albus Dumbledore hid it away in his office when he became the Headmaster of Hogwarts. It was believed that Tom Riddle had found the information necessary to make a Horcrux in this book before Dumbledore managed to get hold of it.

While a Horcrux could be anything at all, including a living being, it was most advisable to create a Horcrux out of an inanimate object to decrease the chances of it being destroyed. Horcruxes by their nature appeared to be extraordinarily durable, as only very destructive magics and processes could truly destroy them.

To create a Horcrux, a wizard first had to deliberately commit murder. This act, said to be the most supreme act of evil, would result in the murderer metaphysically damaging their own soul. A wizard who wished to create a Horcrux would then use that damage to their advantage by casting a spell which would rip the damaged portion of the soul and encase it in an object. Tom Riddle creates his first Horcrux at the age of sixteen after murdering Myrtle Warren.

As a fragment of soul, a Horcrux seemed to retain the identity of its creator at the time of its creation. Voldemort, for instance, created a Horcrux his diary during what was presumably his fifth year at Hogwarts. As such, the fragment of soul contained within the Horcrux took on the appearance and mannerisms of Voldemort as he had been when he was sixteen years old. Horcruxes were said to be essentially the opposite of a person. Where a person's container, their body, could be destroyed without any damage to their soul, the fragment of soul contained inside a Horcrux was dependent on the container for its existence.

If the container was destroyed, so too would be the fragment of soul within it. Horcruxes were originally conceived of as being a singular act. As such, it was unknown for many centuries what the attempted creation of multiple Horcruxes would result in, as nobody thought it possible to accomplish such an act. However, Voldemort planned to create six Horcruxes in the hope that it would make him stronger than just creating one, due to his belief in the power of the number seven.

It was stated at one point that Voldemort had already "pushed his soul to the limit" [6] in creating his Horcruxes. This implied a finite number of Horcruxes any one person may create before the process became too dangerous to attempt again. It also implied that the creation of a Horcrux used a set amount of soul, and that this amount was the same every time the process was undertaken. Creating multiple Horcruxes rendered the soul unstable and liable to break apart if the creator of the Horcruxes was killed.

Harry Potter destroying the diary Horcrux with a Basilisk fang unknowingly destroying one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. Destroying a Horcrux required that the object containing the soul fragment be damaged to a point beyond any and all physical or magical repair. When a Horcrux was damaged to that point, it may appear to "bleed" ink in the case of Tom Riddle's diary [8] and a "dark blood-like substance" in the case of Ravenclaw's Diadem [9] and a scream may be heard as the soul fragment perished.

However, as a safety measure to protect one's immortality and precious soul fragment, the creator would usually place powerful enchantments onto the artefact to prevent damage.

It was unknown if the creator of the Horcrux would be able to sense that their soul fragment was destroyed, although Dumbledore stated that in the particular case of Voldemort, he would not feel their loss because his soul had been split too many times and had been in that state for too long.

All known methods of Horcrux destruction required the "receptacle" to be damaged beyond repair [3] which, in the case of living receptacles, meant that they must be killed. For example, methods were Fiendfyre as evidenced by the destruction of Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem , which required extreme skill to control, [9] the Killing Curse on living Horcruxes.

This was seen on Professor Quirrell when he was destroyed by Harry Potter's touch. This was only achievable as basilisk venom was an extremely destructive substance capable of destroying Horcruxes. Although beyond repair when exposed to this venom, living Horcruxes could potentially be saved through the speedy administration of phoenix tears , an extremely rare substance.

Fawkes demonstrated this ability for Harry when he was bitten by the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. This was only achievable as goblin-wrought silver is a destructive enough metal capable of absorbing qualities that strengthen it.

The sword demonstrated this ability for Harry Potter when he used it to slay the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. Because it was made of goblin-wrought silver itself, the sword was imbued with basilisk venom and became capable of destroying Horcruxes. The fragment of a person's soul within a Horcrux was capable of thinking for itself and had certain magical abilities, including the ability to influence those in their vicinity and affect them mentally.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione were carrying Salazar Slytherin's locket around their necks in , it brought out the worst in the trio by making them moodier, more prone to fighting, and slowly darker aspects of them began to appear, especially Ron as he carried the locket much longer than his friends. They were also unable to summon their Patronuses while wearing the locket since the soul fragment inside was darkening their thoughts.

A person with an affinity for the Dark Arts , on the other hand, would be strengthened by the influence of a Horcrux, as Dolores Umbridge was when wearing Salazar Slytherin's locket. The diary Horcrux takes possession of Ginny Weasley. If a person is more emotionally vulnerable, it is possible for the soul inside the Horcrux to take control of him or her, as Ginny Weasley using her.

In fact, Voldemort took advantage of this possessive power over Ginny to reopen the Chamber of Secrets, using the diary as a weapon rather than a safeguard. This quasi-sentient entity that is capable of sapping life-force to create a physical form differs from a "mere memory ", which the diary's manifestation claimed itself to be, as no mere charmed object can achieve such a feat, though Lucius Malfoy thought that was what the diary simply was.

In this way, a Horcrux can gradually feed on another person's life or negative emotions to strengthen itself and increase the ability of the soul fragment within to act independently in the physical world.

The best example of this is in the case of Tom Riddle's diary. For decades, the diary lay dormant in Lucius Malfoy 's possession, doing nothing other than safeguarding the soul fragment of Tom Riddle. When Ginny Weasley began to transcribe her fears and insecurities into the pages of the diary, the fragment of Tom Riddle's soul contained within was not only able to write back to Ginny but eventually drained enough life out of her to actually manifest itself in a semi-corporeal form and work magic with Harry Potter 's wand.

Likewise, Salazar Slytherin's locket slowly gained power when it was in the possession of Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the months prior to its destruction. It can be theorised that the locket gained somewhat less power from them not enough for Riddle to fully manifest but still enough to speak and create illusions because Harry, Ron, and Hermione were actively resisting the locket's influence instead of embracing it as Ginny had done with the diary.

Even Slytherin's locket was fairly inert when it was initially discovered in a cabinet in the drawing room at 12 Grimmauld Place. It displayed no powers and gave no indication that it possessed superior magical properties. Horcruxes also possessed some last line of defence against destruction. The fragment of soul within the Horcrux seems to be able to sense impending threats and can act to defend itself.

For instance, Slytherin's locket viciously taunted Ron Weasley with visions of his deepest fears in the hopes of preventing him from stabbing it with Godric Gryffindor's sword , and even attempted to strangle Harry Potter when he was close to obtaining the Sword with the intent of piercing the locket. Aside from its self-defence mechanism from the soul fragment, a Horcrux is usually enchanted by the creator to have other forms of defences to prevent destruction.

Marvolo Gaunt's ring contained a deadly curse that would kill anyone who touched it. One of these such side-effects is the "dehumanising" effect the mutilation of one's soul is said to have. The more Horcruxes one creates, the less human they become, both emotionally and physically; for example, in the house-elf Hokey 's memory Tom Riddle was initially shown to be hollow-cheeked but otherwise normal, [22] though ten years later his features look as if they have been burned and blurred, and his skin was extremely white.

Lord Voldemort after his transformation. One should note that it is unclear whether the red eyes and slit-like nostrils that Voldemort had after he was reborn were caused by having more Horcruxes than he did than when he applied for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post a second time, [22] whether they are characteristics of a person who has been resurrected with the help of serpents which have continued to play key roles in his revival , or whether due to any other alterations he had made to himself.

Dumbledore speculated that Voldemort underwent other dangerous transformations, as well as creating Horcruxes which resulted in Voldemort's hideous appearance. A third side effect of Horcrux creation is that the master soul itself becomes unstable even with creating just one Horcrux. For example, the creation of Voldemort's sixth "Horcrux" of seven — Harry Potter — is known to be the direct result of this. The rest of Voldemort's mutilated soul fled.

After wrecking his own soul from many Horcrux creations, the fragments of Voldemort are trapped in limbo for eternity. The final known side-effect of Horcrux creation is a possible inability to move on from limbo after death. This was seen when Voldemort's Killing Curse destroyed the part of his soul that resided in Harry Potter.

This broken and mangled piece of soul [24] was forced to exist in the stunted form of a flayed and mutilated baby that Harry saw in King's Cross during his visit to limbo, unable to return to the land of the living, unable to become a ghost, and unable to go to the land of the dead because his soul was maimed and corrupted. The same fate was implied to have been suffered by Voldemort's "main" soul piece, the one that inhabited his body; it is unknown if this was a standard fate meted out for all Horcrux creators, or if it was unique to Voldemort due to the number of his Horcruxes.

Regardless, reconciliation apparently cannot occur after death, as the soul's state at death remains forever, so the greatest of all consequences incurred by Horcrux creation may be the possibility of eternal limbo of the soul. Voldemort's soul fragments also appeared to possess only the awareness and intelligence of the infant they appeared to be.

Dumbledore later assigned Harry to retrieve the stored memory of it during the school year, in which Harry was able to get it through the use of Felix Felicis. Having split his soul multiple times, it became extremely unstable that upon his Killing Curse's first rebound on him, Voldemort's already maimed soul split apart and attached to the only living being in the room at the time: Harry Potter.

It was also the creation of so many Horcruxes that led Voldemort's humanity to deteriorate severely. As Voldemort's soul fragments have been separated from him for so long, he could no longer feel them should they be destroyed.

This was part of Dumbledore and Harry's quest to determine, locate, and destroy, in secret, what they believed to be as many as four of Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes two had already been destroyed. Hermione was able to summon the books on the subject to her from the Headmaster's office at the end of the — school year to aid them in their research on Horcruxes.

Although Voldemort had six true Horcruxes not including Harry in total, no more than five existed at one time because Tom Riddle's diary was destroyed before Nagini was turned into a Horcrux. Concerning Nagini, it is not known if she had to have been killed by Godric Gryffindor's Sword or if any other means, such as a regular sword killing her, would have destroyed the Horcrux.

However, as Albus Dumbledore stated, using a living being as a Horcrux was a risky business, due to it being able to move around and think for itself. It is also unknown what would happen if Nagini had died a natural death, or if that were possible, since Horcruxes have mechanisms in place to prevent destruction.

All of Voldemort's Horcruxes were made from objects that had extreme value, in his desire to secure his position as the greatest sorcerer in history, and that only noteworthy items could live up to his standards and have the honour of housing a fragment of his precious soul. As such, he had originally made it his desire to collect four items of the four founders of Hogwarts ; he found only three, and gave up after failing to find Gryffindor's sword, but made Horcruxes out of other items that had sentimental value to himself, if not as a priceless artefact of the Wizarding world.

Believing that the number seven is the most powerful number when it comes to magic, Voldemort intended to split his soul into seven pieces, with six Horcruxes housing one fragment each and his body containing the seventh.


The Seventh Horcrux

October 31st was an ordinary day for Voldemort, sitting on his throne chastising his minions' various vices until he was informed about the location of a family that had thrice defied him he knew; after all, he keeps a list of such things. Months after attempting to dispatch a child of the prophecy he didn't know the entirety of, he finds himself remembering his life as Voldemort, now inhabiting the body of an infant. Upon reflection, he decides to go back to his one true goal from before the drunken bender that accidentally cemented him as the Dark Lord: to become the DADA teacher. Seventh Horcrux by Emerald Ashes Spacebattles thread is a fanfic that takes itself seriously enough that it can be confused on whether it's a parody or a retread of canon. Community Showcase More.


Seventh Horcrux

Draco pulled six silver objects from his dragon hide pants. They glowed slightly where they touched each other. You could have learned a lesson about friendship or espionage or possibly seduction. Draco growled at me and, with a burst of light, the pieces united into an ornate, silver key. He stomped towards the door and stuck it into the lock. All you had to do was believe in yourself! Draco gazed into the Room of Requirement, which was empty save for the pedestal holding Ravenclaw's Diadem.

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