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Wednesday, 29 February New interpretation of Solar system by an Indian scientist. Labels: English. There was a thought that collective information of Divya Vaanis from all the Teerthankara's should be available for all. On rigorous analysis, they found that only Kannada has the power to encode those Divya Vaani!

He quotes it as " SarvaBhaashamayee Karmaata Kavya ". Adi Teerthankara Vrushabha had two daughters. At the time of his liberation from the worldly body, gives Sakala Saamraajya to his elder wife Yashaswati's son 'Bharata' and Paudanapura to younger wife's son 'Gommata'. Then daughters ask to give some gift which remains permanently.

Vrushabha Teerthankara envisions their Karma and decides to give the ultimate knowledge source to them. He blesses that for all the languages these are sufficient. Another daughter named " Sundhari " was made to sit on his right lap, from his left thumb, on her right palm writes the Bindhu " 0 ", dividing it by two diagonal bisectors, expands it to numerals from , recombines all to "0", integrates them to show it as "1". These numerals when written according to a special sequence, it is enough to count the atom and interatomic particles of this Universe.

He says to Sundhari that these Numerals Ankas are also Aksharas. To avoid distinctions among the daughters he gives a proof that Brahmi's Aksharas are Sundhari's Ankas and vice versa. All groups of shabdas, individual Dwanis, converting individual Dwanis to Akshara Sanjnyas and creates the matrices of numerals called " Chakra Bandha " and recalls its name as " Samasta Shabdaagama Shastra ".

This knowledge was known to Gommata but not to Bharata. For Kingdom, there was a clash between brothers which lead to 8 wars in which Gommata wins.

Then Bharata also confesses for his mistakes and requests Gommata to enlighten him with Jnana. Mokshagaami Bahubali was sacrificial in nature. All these took place in the war field and there itself within approximately 46 minutes, Gommata creates this Numerical Poetry having ultimate knowledge. This is also called as " Karana Sutra " in Jaina Puranas. Gowtama Gunadhara first divides Bhuvalaya into 12 parts called " Dwadashanga Veda ". Normally Jain Historians predict Mahaveera's age as B. It is there in the discussion that after Mahaveera, Buddha deva's rule and a person named "NiggaThanaata putta" and Bauddha Granthas prescribe him as 'Naatha Putra Mahaveera'.

By the summery of a lot of discussions among historians and references from our Gurus from Naatha Parampara, I would predict that Jainism has evolved from Naatha Sampradaaya. Unlike now, Naathas were the pure followers of Veda. So a Natha Guru said to me that existing SiriBhuvalaya is just the outlier of the whole work. All are selfish enough to misuse it just for their worldly affairs and may lead to the destruction of the world. So most of the work has been lost inside the dimensions of Nature.

Kumudendu lived in Yalavalli near Bengaluru. Now the available copy of literature is from a place called Doddabele which is 20 Km from Yalavalli. It is in between Bengaluru-Tumkuru. There was a Vidwamsa named Dharanendra Pandit who read Bhuvalaya's shlokas just by reading the numerals.

Also installed a laboratory for the same in Bengaluru at that time. Even though he faced the problems of poverty, he fought for SiriBhuvalaya and made it famous among a lot of scholars, researchers and got appreciation from Rastrapati Sri Babu Rajendraprasad also. Siribhuvalaya's system of " Ankaakshara Ganita " has the power to behold of all the languages encoded in it.

In this Bhuvalaya kaavya, under 3 interlinked series of Prakruta, Samskruta, Kannada, all the other Bhaashas could be bound together like a garland that has the fragrance of all the Bhaasha named flowers; just in a thread named "Kannada".

There emerge at least Bhaashas from this. A reference of the same has been made by his Shishya was Amoghavarsha Nrupatunga who is the author of " Kaviraaja Marga " noted to be oldest Kannada epic. He had taken all the care such that even though its made from Kannada, it spans all the languages. After 12th Adhyaya, he had used a variation called " BedanDe " having inner poetry series in the form of "Dandaka " which was used in Prose Literature before Nrupatunga.

Also, experts say that it may have Tripadi Ragale" also. Bandha is a particular series of encoding one subject inside the other. To impose these Bhaashas inside Kannada, he uses several Bandhas. In Shreni Bandha it decodes in Kannada. If one reads these from top to bottom, it produces Prakruta Kavya.

If read from 27th Akshara downwards, it gives Samskruta Kavya. Similarly, according to the viewpoint, it generates kavyas in different languages. It is considered as the base of Jaina Agamas 84 as listed by Kumudendu.

Summary of this agama is presented in SiriBhuvalaya. As for as the name is concerned, his place was "Yalava Bhu" reverse of which is Bhuvalaya. An available copy has 56 Adhayas. Out of , chakras are remaining. Siribhoovalaya: Akshara Bandha, the alphabetic matrix substituted for the above input matrix.

He who plans such an encyclopedia has first himself to be the treasure house of information and knowledge. He needs to be endowed with a computer like a brain.

He must have the gift of a superb orderly mind. He has to be creative and needs the boon of a powerful imagination. And, even if the enterprising genius is adequately endowed in all these ways, what immense patience and effort do such a work demand! In terms of time, effort and energy, this must have been a most taxing endeavor. We feel both admiration and gratitude when we realize the magnitude and the complexity of the task that Kumudendu Muni undertook. Kannadigas, I am not the marketing or advertising the book.

It is really worth to have such a great epic in your personal library. Who knows, your child or grandchild or anyone blessed with great mind structure could Decipher it and unleash the knowledge to the world. Some of the Excerpts from SiriBhoovalaya. The language was born when there was a requirement to communicate one's feelings to other. Due to various reasons the perfect gesture based communication medium became diluted.

Language scientist has to think how VaiKhari gets the input? So it was said that 'Akshara' is the one and only 'Atma' in this world. From Omkaara the 'Akshara' originates, thus preparing the 'VaiKhari'. It will be abide by the rule to show the root Omkaara Naada. So one should become prepared to feel an Akshara from Omkaara and in that to see the "Atma". This is the simplest Vidhya towards Atma Saakshatkaara as said by several sages in Veda.

There are limits with which it has to rotate. Nobody has to instruct or insist it to rotate. Just it does its job. It becomes the Akshara. Flow of waves from VaGhe reaches Pashyanti where the decision will be made what type of wave has to be produced. It may be expressed directly from Madhyamaa or can be propagated to VaiKhari. So when a perfect and strong group of syllables like mantra emerges directly from Madhyama and propagates continuously; it will be immortal.

Its frequency cannot be measured by the existing equipments. If the same wave is expressed from Tongue then it becomes Sound wave which is perishable.

So Akshara creates a Naada Bindu that encircles its root seed. It imbibes this Naada in Aksha and propagates continuously by encircling. From this the Bhaasha will be produced. From Bhaasha the VaiKhari gets designed.

Grammar is required just as a protocol of communication. The grammar which doesn't consider the root causes implanted on VaiKhari, is just a waste! So never say that only Samskrutam is perfect and all other Indian languages are at a level lower than Samskrutam.

VaiKhari is formed by Prakruti. This is called "Praa-krutha". Lot of languages originated just due to geographical and so many other reasons. Before years the language count in India was exceeding 40, For Every K. So the Chakradhipati at that time finding it difficult to rule, initiated the language revolution and called Vidwat Sabha having experts from every language.

Their intention was to give a common language platform that will ease the administration and education. Till the time of Shankaracharya, all were knowing that Veda Bhaasha is not Samskrutam. Later due to the emphasis only on to learning the Samskrutam, remains of Veda Bhaasha became extinct. Then due to the influence of foreign invaders, Samskrutam also lost its values.



Wednesday, 29 February New interpretation of Solar system by an Indian scientist. Labels: English. There was a thought that collective information of Divya Vaanis from all the Teerthankara's should be available for all. On rigorous analysis, they found that only Kannada has the power to encode those Divya Vaani! He quotes it as " SarvaBhaashamayee Karmaata Kavya ".



Botanist consultant scientist. He arrived in Venezuela in Eight years later he returned to India, where he lived with his family at Manipal. Bhat received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Madras in Two years later he earned his Master of Science degree from the same university.

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