However, when you know how to approach it, the form only should take a few minutes to complete. Typically, the confusion starts when an applicant gets to the Completion of Required Test Information section under the Certificate Sought tab shown below in Figure 1. Figure 1. This part of the application is for you to list any Aircraft, Simulator, or Training Device you intend to use during your Practical Test.

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You will be redirected to the user profile page to provide additional information required for airman applications. More help can be found on our FAQ page and by using the manuals founds on the training and documentation page.

Thank you for your feedback, please wait I am using Chrome and my documents are downloading instead of automatically opening. How can I change this? On your computer, open Chrome.

At the bottom, click Advanced. Under "Privacy and security", click Site Settings. Near the bottom, click PDF documents. When I print an application I see an X instead of each page of the application. How can I print the application? There is a known issue with Internet Explorer preventing it from printing correctly when using the Print button. General Q. Additionally, there is a link to the on-line Help in the upper right hand corner of the IACRA application once you have logged in.

The Help is context specific to the page on which you are viewing. What is a digital signature? A digital signature is a technology used to ensure that the original content of an electronic message or document is unchanged. Digital signatures are: Easily transportable Cannot be imitated by someone else, and Can be automatically time-stamped. Digital signature gives the ability to ensure that the originally signed message has not been altered thus creating a scenario where the "signatory" cannot easily repudiate the authenticity of that signed document.

IACRA processes applications for airman certification via the web. IACRA automatically ensures applicants meet regulatory and policy requirements through business rules and data validation. It implements use of digital signatures throughout the certification process. No paper documents are sent to the Registry! Please make sure you have reviewed your application thoroughly with your Recommending Instructor prior to having your instructor sign the application.

When you sign your application, during your practical test, please again review the application and make sure your Examiner understands all the ratings you have and are applying for.

This will help the Examiner in completing their portion of the application process. Designated Examiner will print a copy for the application package that needs correction. The corrected copy must have all appropriate e-signatures. If any e-signature s are missing, the application must be manually signed by the appropriate official prior to sending to the Registry.

If manual signatures are included, those must be mailed in by the Post Office. If the corrected application is not received by the Registry by the time they process the first application, the applicant, will first receive an incorrect certificate which will be followed by the corrected certificate. You can use the corrected Temporary Certificate to exercise your privileges. Go to the Certifying Officer Examiner and complete the front side of the paper application and have the examiner issue a new temporary that is missing the information or needs other corrections.

If the corrected paper application is not received by the Registry by the time they process the first IACRA application, the applicant will receive an incorrect certificate which will be followed by the corrected certificate. It is critical that the corrected paper application gets mailed in by the FSDO in a timely manner to avoid this from happening. What do I do if I believe my personal information has been improperly obtained, used, or disclosed?

Contact information can be found here. Yes, but you should add FAA. Select the link to "Site Feedback" that appears in either the top right corner of the screen or in the left menu depending on whether you're logged into IACRA.

If you check the box next to "May we contact you regarding this commment? A PC with broadband internet connectivity. Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Cannot block cookies - Internet Options, Privacy tab. Java scripting must be enabled - Internet Options, Advanced tab. Popup blocker cannot be enabled. The application relies on the internal navigation built into the software to correctly save and validate your application information.

Using the BACK and FORWARD buttons on your browser may cause data not to be saved correctly and to improperly validate, subsequently causing delays and possible failure in the completion of the application process.

Therefore, please use the application's internal navigation. Internal navigation means clicking on each "Step" to move through the application. What is the FTN? Yes, but it is an "unofficial" copy for review or record keeping purposes only. It should not be mailed to the Registry.

When you use the Close Browser link to exit IACRA, the information you have entered into the application is saved before the browser closes. If you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need information from the certificate in order to register as an applicant. Please enter the certificate number and date of issuance exactly as they appear on your certificate. If you do not hold a pilot certificate, you can still complete the registration form and register as an applicant in IACRA.

Also, if you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need that information in order to complete an IACRA application. Please review these certificates and modify if necessary. What do I do if my password has been lost or stolen? Passwords may not contain more than two consecutive like characters or the user's login name and must not be one of the user's previous 24 passwords. For example: iL1ke2F! Data entered by you must match exactly the FAA database.

If it is less than 60 days since the date of issue of your certificate, contact your AME Aeromedical Examiner for resolution of this issue.

If it is 60 days or more since the date of issue of your certificate, contact the FAA Aerospace Medical Certification Division for resolution of this issue. The contact info is below. I previously registered as a enter role here Why can't I register for a new role? To add another role to your existing registration, login as your currently registered role. Check the box or boxes next to the roles you would like to add and click 'Next'.

Enter any needed data, confirm all existing data is correct, then click 'Save'. What do I do if I have more than one last name? First, you must always use your full name First, Middle, Last, and any suffixes, i. Additionally, the name must be the same as on the identification documents you are using to identify yourself to the FAA.

A person with more than one last name is a common in some parts of the world. The last name field in IACRA can take up to 26 characters, which should be sufficient for most people.

Application Top of Page Q. I am applying for a Remote Pilot application and hold a pilot certificate other than a student , how do I know if I have met the flight review requirements? What am I required to send to the Airman Registry after I complete the application? You aren't required to send anything to the Airman Registry. All documents are transmitted to the Registry electronically. All pilot hours that apply toward the current certification you are seeking should be entered in the grid.

Will I receive a confirmation that the completed form and all related documents have been sent to the Registry? After the Certifying Officer signs and submits the application, an acknowledgement message will be displayed on the final confirmation page containing the Application ID number.

IACRA automatically sends the application to the Airman Registry following the display of the confirmation page the same day or following day. Currently there is no additional confirmation apart from the confirmation page.

Instructors Top of Page Q. Also, ensure the correct spelling of the name is also annotated on the attachment or the knowledge test and that it matches the FAA application form. Why is the Recommending Instructor certificate number and Expiration Date missing from the Instructor's Recommendation section of the for Second in Command certificates? A Recommending Instructor does not need to hold a flight instructor certificate to sign Second in Command applications or the flight instructor certificate may be expired.

IACRA will not display any certificate information for these applications in the Instructor's Recommendation section of the at this time. Since this is an administrative function only, the Airmen Certification Branch accepts the Recommending Instructor signature without certificate information.

If you do not have a pending renewal, you will no longer be able to use IACRA after the day grace period. The Airman Registry is in the process of rolling out a new database system that will ultimately improve the speed of entering data into its national databases, however, note that there will always be some interim time frame between CFI renewal activities and receipt of your permanent certificate.

This is because the FAA reviews each application and can deny an action, as appropriate. This way the Airman Registry has an opportunity to process the renewal request and provide the new certificate with minimal gap between the expiration date and receipt of the renewal certificate.

I'm a Recommending Instructor. Where do I find it? At that point, complete the application following the instructions in the application. Certifying Officers Top of Page Q.


Frequently Asked Questions



Form FAA 8710-1 - Airman Certificate And/or Rating Application


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