Specifications are intended to ensure that the users essential requirements of performance, quality etc. It spells out and recommend standards of materials and methods, procedures, workmanship, tests, good practices etc. The revision was completed in and 08 Specifications were revised. I [3rd edition revised - July ] II [2 edition Revised - October ] The content pages of above Specifications are enclosed in the Annexure.

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Timber tests are performed in order to determine the suitability for structural purposes in construction activities. BMRTD is currently carrying out consultancy services according to customer requirement. With the latest facilities available at BMRTD laboratories, various new testing services which are beyond the laboratory routine tests could be received by customers. Advanced Concrete Cover Meter. Chloride testing equipment.

The equipment is used to measure the amount of chloride pressent in wet or dry conctere. BMRTD is capable of performing all kinds of aggregate and rock testing which will be used in different construction activities. Automatic Sieve Shaker for sieve analysis of aggregate. Oven drying of aggregates for Water absorption test. Point load apparatus for testing rock specimens. Aggregate Impact Value Test of coarse aggregate. Research Publications.

General Publications. Landslide Maps. Image Gallery. Video Gallery. Head Office. District Offices. Expressions of Interest. Landslide Early Warnings Issued Our Services. Latest News. Miscelleneous Services. Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing. FaLang translation system by Faboba. Conducting laboratory demonstrations. Coating thickness of Galvanized of zinc coated materials Concrete manhole cover Breaking load only Cast iron gully breaking load only Calibration of jack and gauge depending on requirements Thickness of G.

Pipes Tensile test for geotextile two directions Unit weight for geotextile Thickness of geotextile Fiber Glass Composite tensile strength and modules Water Permeability of Geotextiles Training Workshops. Advanced Concrete Cover Meter Provides Precise and non-destructive measurement of, Concrete cover Rebar diameters which are embedded in a concrete Detection of rebar locations in a concrete.

Chloride testing equipment The equipment is used to measure the amount of chloride pressent in wet or dry conctere. Depth of Carbonation Test of Concrete. Rebound Hammer Test of Concrete. Pull-Out Testing Machine. Extracting , End preparation and Testing of 50 mm mm diameter core samples concrete roads, slabs, concrete culverts, beams, columns, decks, walls, wing walls etc.

Other tests Measure the crack width Carbonation test without drilling Load test Half-cell potential test. Grading of fine aggregate.


ICTAD : Specifications for water supply sewerage and storm water drainage works



ICTAD Specifications for Works


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