Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I went through several iterations to get to this stage with various attempts at getting the plunger, trigger and plunger guides correct. While designing it I wanted to keep it as simple to build as possible, with minimal screws and bolts holding it together. The trigger was designed so that it was its own spring, I didn't want to have to use a spring or a rubber band like in the acrylic jenga pistol that I made last year. The joints holding the pistol together are all interference fit, designed to either fit together tightly with no modification or after a very light sanding.

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A wooden pistol that can enjoy exhilaration that makes it possible to clear off the block by thrashing away from the thrill that slowly and carefully pulls out the block carefully so as not to destroy the building's tower " Jenga pistol Jenga pistol "Was born. Jenga pistol - YouTube It was Matthias Wandell who developed the gengis pistol Along with the sound of snatching, Jenga's block was blown off by Genga pistol.

Blocks were blown out vigorously, but "token of Jenga" has not collapsed. Now aim at different angles Successful success. Next time I challenge a block to support the top of the block. Lumps in the upper block dropped together, but the block tower did not collapse. Another success. Looking from the side in slow motion it is like this.

The moment when the block is blown off, you can see well that the upper block is floating in the air. Fall as it is. As if nothing had happened, the height of the block tower was a little lower. As you pull out the blocks more and more Even though it is a truly Jenga pistol, sometimes it fails if you shoot a number. The block in the middle in difficult "bare hands" It can be cleared without difficulty if Gengapisutoru. I will punch the pistol early and punch through the blocks one after another.

The wooden genga pistol is handmade. From the muzzle part, the bar-like part of the wooden part attached inside protrudes and flicks off the block. The lever part looks something like this.

In a rubber band, we strike a wooden part toward the muzzle. Wandel published a homemade Jenga pistol on YouTube, many people asked, "How much will you sell? Even then, the voice saying "I want to sell! Jenga pistol plans We also distribute detailed creation guides. Jenga pistol, which seems to make Gengha, a simple rule game even more incredibly fighting, seems to be a tool that I'd like to try once, as long as I'm a genius that loves Ginga. Vulnerability was found in firmware of more than 12 million routers, and all connected devices were targeted for attack.

Just shoot the receipt with the smartphone, then complete the household account book fully automati - cally "Dr. Wallet" How to kill and use the "Dr. Related Posts:. A real life-like rifle and a hand gun made of Lego that can actually shoot bullets. Sniper rifle made entirely of lego from the main body to the bullet. Strength test by wearing a condom from the head. A rifle that all parts were output with a 3D printer withstands up to 14 shots.

Playing cards that can ride on the top in the air. A movie that makes a big explosion by wearing a rubber band on a watermelon. Tatakana cat knocked on a whip.


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