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This is a listing of entries in the TeX Catalogue and may take a little time to load, but is hopefully worth it. Have a look at the Catalogue Preface for alternative ways of accessing the catalogue. The license type, version if known , and the date of the last change made to each particular Catalogue entry are also provided.

Copyright c Graham J. Last modified Friday, 16 April , Provides fonts in sizes of 12pt up to pt. Provides fonts in sizes of 12pt up to pt and also makes sure that in math formulas the symbols appear in the right size. Can also creates a PostScript header file for dvips which ensures that the poster will be printed in the right size. This package was implemented by an author unknown and catalogued for CTAN.

Enables the use os PostScript fonts while typesetting texts in languages where accented letters are used. The font doesn't need to contain the complete alphabet of a given language; the presence of mere accents themselves no whole accented characters is sufficient.

The configuration files of the a2ac program are independent on the PostScript font encoding and on the typesetting system encoding. The program may be used to prepare a font for any typesetting system, especially TeX.

Support for A4 paper sizes. Provides support for A4 paper sizes, however it is mostly superseded by the a4paper option of LaTeX and by the geometry package. It does, however also define the extra option of widemargins. See also geometry a4wide. License: unknown Version: 1. Increases width of printed area of an a4 page. This package provides an option to increase the width of the a4 page.

Note however that it is superceded by geometry. See also geometry a4. Obsolete support for a5 paper size. This package provides support for a5 paper sizes for LaTeX 2. Note however that it is superceded by the new LaTeX class option a5paper and by the more flexible geometry package.

Support for a5 paper sizes. Superceded by geometry. American Astronomical Society format. Text abbreviations in LaTeX. A LaTeX package defining "abbreviation macros," which expand to defined text and insert following space intelligently, based on context. They can also expand to one thing the first time they are used and another thing on subsequent invocations.

Thus they can be abbreviations in two senses, in the source and in the document. License: lppl Version: 1.

Notate tunes stored in abc notation. A package to notate tunes stored in an ascii format abc notation. One of the most important aims of abc notation, and perhaps one that distinguishes it from most, if not all, computer-readable musical languages is that it can be easily read by humans. The package produces files that can be processed with MusicTeX. Books of abstracts. Control the typesetting of the abstract environment.

The abstract package gives you control over the typesetting of the abstract environment, and in particular provides for a one column abstract in a two column paper. This package was implemented by Peter R. Wilson and catalogued for CTAN. No description available. Multiple accents. A package for multiple accents with nice features concerning creation of accents and placement of scripts. Font manipulation utilities mkt1font and vpl2vpl.

The accfonts package contains two utilities to permit easy manipulation of fonts, in particular the creation of unusual accented characters. Both programs read in a font, together with a simple definition file containing lines such as " z acute"; they then write out a new version of the font with the requested new characters in the numerical slots specified.

Great care is taken over the positioning of accents, and over the provision of kerning information for new characters; mkt1font also generates suitable "hints" to enhance quality at small sizes or poor resolutions. The programs are written in Perl. License: gpl Version: 0. Chicago Manual citations in LaTeX. Produces author-date citations based on The Chicago Manual of Style.

Chicago Manual BibTeX style. Produces bibliographies based on The Chicago Manual of Style. Requires the achicago LaTeX package. Association for Computing Machinery conference proceedings. This class may be used to typeset articles to be published in the proceedings of ACM Association for Computing Machinery conferences and workshops.

Expand acronyms at least once. This package ensures that all acronyms used in the text are spelled out in full at least once. It also provides an environment to build a list of acronyms used. See also glosstex. View pdf formatted files. It is available for a variety of architectures, and can be used as a plugin for Netscape.

This provides a very useful way of accessing PostScript documents on the Web since PDF compresses the document internally. See also acrotex. This package was implemented by D. Story and catalogued for CTAN. Australian Defence Force Academy thesis format. License: pd Version: 2. Font metrics and macro support for many Adobe fonts. Font metrics for Adobe non-standard fonts.

BibTeX styles to implement an address database. Adrconv is a collection of BibTeX style files to turn an address database stored in the. Adrconv will sort the data either by name or birthday and create output files in various formats for address books or time planers.

Using address lists in LaTeX. Intended for use, for example, in invoices payable within 14 days from today etc. Has only been tested with Czech dates. A version supporting English dates is expected soon. A set of virtual fonts which emulates T1 coded fonts using the standard CM fonts. The package is called AE fonts for Almost European. License: gpl Version: 1. Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts. A package adding several kinds of guillemets polish cmr, cyrillic cmr, lasy and ec to the ae fonts.

It is useful if you are using the ae fonts to produce PDF files, since the additional guillemets exist in Type 1 versions and for free, except in ec's case. This package was implemented by Denis B. Roegel and catalogued for CTAN. Execute command after each page. Implements a command that causes the commands specified in its argument to be expanded after the curent page is output. Useful to flush floats, for example. For example, LaTeX's float positioning mechanism sometimes gets overloaded and all floating figures and table drift to the end of the document.

Air Force Institute of Technology thesis class. This package was implemented by Joel D. Young and catalogued for CTAN. Styles for American Geophysical Union.

This package was implemented by P. Daly and catalogued for CTAN. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. License: lppl Version: 2.

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