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Last Updated: May 25, by Aiden Williams. I have been searching the red dot market for just the right sight for Glock The difficulty I encountered is that the market seems to be flooded with red dot sight systems all claiming to be the very best available in the market.

My needs were simple. I just needed a little help with my aim, and I wanted that help to be sturdy and tough and not cost too much money. Leopold has issued a warning to its prospective optics buyers, stating there are counterfeit products. The first thing you should consider when buying an accessory for your gun is to know if it will fit easily without modifications to the slide.

From my perspective, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro has every angle covered when it comes to adaptors and advice on how to fit the Delta Point Pro to your weapon of choice. So, it is important that we can buy a complete range of fitments to allow mounting of a single red dot sight. One thing I really appreciate about the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is that you can even purchase the rear iron sights to attach to the chassis unit for cross-witnessing the targeting. I have already interchanged the Delta Point Pro with three of my guns including my AR and I can report the process was easy and relatively quick once I removed and re-fitted the unit a couple of times.

Clearly, the Picatinny rail makes interchanging the chassis very quick. I place significance in company history and pedigree; you can find Leupold sights have been used in many applications from battlefield conditions where the sight needs to be rugged and the performance is unquestionable.

I required a reliable red dot system that could handle the rigors of competition shooting while at the same time be able to offer the robustness needed for my outdoor shooting excursions with my buddies.

I am the type of guy who enjoys being out in all weather conditions and I wanted a red dot that could keep up with my expectations. My red dot will be used in many weather conditions and frankly, will be treated roughly. However, it must remain fully functional and work well when targeting. I also want to give my guns an upgrade that not only look as if it belonged with my gun but also function as if it was built with the gun originally.

The Leupold Delta Point meets the criteria I want. The red dot gives precise targeting in all conditions. It has another cool feature that I will discuss next. The battery compartment is located within the rear top section of the unit; meaning there is no need to remove the red dot unit from the gun for battery replacement.

For me, this presents a massive improvement over the competitors in terms of set up and convenience. It is a simple process of removing the battery case cover and popping the new battery in place. The Leupold Delta Point comes with a motion sensor.

As soon as the sight detects movement the sight comes back to life. For me, this innovation will change the market for red dot sights. Imagine that while hunting, you can place your rifle on a stand and sit back for a while and wait for the motion sensor to kick into action. The motion sensor switches off after five minutes to conserve battery life, which can be extended up to hours of use. The optics found in the Delta Point Pro do not disappoint the user. I found the red dot in this unit to be clear and did not suffer from wash out in bright light conditions.

One of the most important things for me is the ability to dial in the target easily. The adjustments are positive with tactile and audible clicks, which let you know how much you have altered the Windage and elevation. You can lock in the reticle sufficiently to prevent movement from recoil or general knocks when carrying your gun on a sling or when concealed weapon holstering.

The main body chassis is made from magnesium, which provides a lightweight durable solution for mounting the optics and the advanced circuitry used in the DeltaPoint Pro.

The magnesium housing provides the ideal robust lightweight platform for fast-paced shooting activities such as competitions or drill shooting.

Itperforms well in all environments and the whole unit is guaranteed from water and dust ingression. Lifetime warranty on chassis and optics There are reports of delays from the factory for warranty claims Image via Leupold. There are not too many cons with the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro and the cons that I have mentioned are not really relevant as far as I am concerned. For instance, the battery is cheap and readily available at most outlets selling batteries. The battery is easy to change and does not interfere with the red dot zero.

I change my battery every 3 months. The mounts can be a little high but for my preferences, they suit me just fine. The accessories are simple to fit to any gun that does not require a gunsmith or a professional. Having used the Delta Point Pro for some months, I think this unit has met all of my expectations.

It looks great on my guns; it has helped me zero in on targets that I struggling to hit. Is it great for home protection? I would have to say yes. Would I buy another? Yes, I intend to buy another unit and have it permanently fixed to my home protection pistol.

The general consensus from talking to other users, and after reading reviews is that the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is carving its own niche in the red dot market place. Its nearest competitor the RMRT has enjoyed dominance over this niche. The main area where the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is scoring big in the market is in its innovation.

Now, if you think placing the battery compartment on top of the unit for easy battery replacement is innovative then go ahead. In my opinion, it is pure common sense. So, you have to ask yourself why the DeltaPoint Pro competitors have not placed their battery compartments in an easy to access place. It maybe engineering difficulties but, Leupold has made a good choice making the battery accessible without altering the red dot zero. Is the motion sensor a worthless innovation?

The motion detecting sensor is very useful when hunting allowing the shooter time of the sight while maximizing the opportunity of not missing the kill. I have found that overall users of the DeltaPoint Pro appreciate the clear optics.

For me, there is nothing worse than having a tinted viewfinder and other users agree with me. The optics on the Delta Point Pro is clear and at the same time, you do not find any light glare from the optics to distract from the target. The only negative I have come across is that for some users the red dot from Leupold is almost twice the price of some other units available in the market. This is true. The Delta Point Pro is at the top end of the price range when it comes to buying a red dot system.

However, it depends on what you find important when buying a red dot system. The DeltaPoint Pro comes with four mounting plates just replace the mounting plates with the new plates supplied with the red dot sight. Question: I have heard the Leupold DeltaPoint is heavy, is this true? Answer: No, the DeltaPoint has a comparable weight to other red dot units. Remember the DeltaPoint is made from lightweight magnesium. Question: Will the DeltaPoint withstand heavy rain?

Answer: The DeltaPoint Pro is waterproof to 30m. Driving rain will not affect its performance. Question: What are the elevation and wind adjustment? I hope this Leupold DeltaPoint Pro review has been useful for those of you who are searching for a red dot target system. I found sighting the DeltaPoint Pro very easy and the unit does not require professional help for fitting to your guns. If you look at targeting statistics for this red dot unit you will find the DeltaPoint outperforms most of its competitors.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that my target shooting has improved dramatically. The Leupold DeltaPoint is a perfect choice for competition, hunting, and home protection. Are you looking for more affordable red dot sights? Check out this review. Check Price on Amazon About The Author Aiden Williams Aiden is a self-confessed gun nut who became hooked on shooting at the age of 15 after his first trip to a firing range.

He has a passion some would say addiction for hunting and tactical gear and hopes to pass on his knowledge to anyone trying to maintain their gear or find the perfect piece.

Image via Leupold. About The Author Aiden Williams Aiden is a self-confessed gun nut who became hooked on shooting at the age of 15 after his first trip to a firing range. Leave this field empty. All Rights Reserved.

ISO 1436-1 PDF

User manual Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight 119687

Last Updated: May 25, by Aiden Williams. I have been searching the red dot market for just the right sight for Glock The difficulty I encountered is that the market seems to be flooded with red dot sight systems all claiming to be the very best available in the market. My needs were simple.


Relentless Speed: The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Magnification 1x Objective Lens Diameter 1. Leupold 's DeltaPoint Pro Reflex Sight provides users with an unmagnified reflex sight designed for fast close-range target acquisition and tracking. This sight features an illuminated red 7. Its aspheric window reduces distortion at the edges of the view, while the protective anti-reflection DiamondCoat optical coatings protect the lens from scratches and abrasions. The edges of the lens are also blackened to prevent glare and light diffusion for improved contrast and resolution. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems.


Leupold Deltapoint Pro Review – Targeting Perfection for Any Shooter


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