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Metrics details. The intestinal mucus layer plays a key role in the maintenance of host-microbiota homeostasis. To document the crosstalk between the host and microbiota, we used gnotobiotic models to study the influence of two major commensal bacteria, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron and Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, on this intestinal mucus layer. We determined whether B. We then investigated how F. When B.

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Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Page 1. The Straits Times Jo. Milkmaid Sweetened. Incorporated in England. Page 2. By Our Special Correspondent. London, Apr. Audacity has never been wanting in the character of Mr. Winston Churchill from the day when, as a red-haired boy, he escaped from Pretoria, and the Boers put a price upon his head.

Churchill, now grown older,. Hl I There is. Pinkettes are laxativ peril lon tiny msure daily rcirukirit;. Lines to Everywhere promote efficiency and save time. Telephones and Switch bo. Page 3. Output for the half month of May, DrfilitP 2ii;;, hours u:! Jabus M piculi; 8. I The Secretary of Austral M:. They are worn by more men throughout the world than any other brand. They are styled correctly and patterned smartly in beautiful colour blends.

Special toe and heel insure exceptionally long wear. Page 4. All information, detailed itineraties. CO, LTD. Page 5. San Francisco Aug. Seattle Aug. We suiinl JTOWr inspect ion, viz. For Dyeing. Our extensive experience in this class of work enables m; to carry out sir Elar contracts. Page 6. MAY Green for Purity. Page 7. Wrdnesday, May 2J Malacca: Malays v. Theatre, X. May 24 li. Wednesday, May Ships alongside the Wharves or expected to arrive.

The Cable, W I! Enterprise, Am-l. Uirhters 1. Cntaa, Hainam. East aad N. Wool Suma2 p. Handicaps for Amateur Events. The Kir. Race Ni.. Macphail and Co. Singapore, May Dull, lin. Mentukabs Rose Macphail and Co. May 2! Malays Consolidated Hith Taiping H cents,. Bucharest TU. Lisbon J I It, aUdrld t9. Bank T. Tone of Market :—Quiet.

Studani i Standard R. Vl 1 Batang Padang tt. Issue Val. Tobacco 5. Smelting Co. IZM O0 LSS H. Sincaporc Cold Stora Bo Deb. B prem. Singapore Municipal 44 p. Fraser and Co. Cable News in Brief. London, May The War Office announces 1 that Col. The P. Cartage arranged for local orders. Apply XI. Sassoon, 5, Malacca Street. Rent moderate. Kandanz Kerbau Station. By Courteoy of Government Health Officer. Fur the 21 Hours ending at Midnight on Mat leg.

Xfi, Min. Page 8. When, in October last, the Home Secretary, appointed a committee under the chairmanship of the Rt. Hugh Macmillan, K. The past twenty-four hours have brought hopeful signs that the growing volume of protest against the high price of petrol in Malaya lis at last bearing fruit.

The eaee w. Baa was charged l with causing the deuth of a Chinese woman by a rarh net when driving a. Van Lear Black has cancelled Ml i flight owing to a damaged and eagiae trouble and left fo-. Cairo la. Batavia, May The four R. From Austra. From Our Own Correspondent. Ipoh, May S3.


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Article also available on Microfilm Reel NL Page 1. The Straits Times Jo. Milkmaid Sweetened. Incorporated in England. Page 2. By Our Special Correspondent.


Malaria control activities can have a disproportionately greater impact on Plasmodium falciparum than on P. We investigated temporal trends in malaria-related morbidity and mortality in Papua, Indonesia, before and after introduction of a universal, artemisinin-based antimalarial treatment strategy for all Plasmodium species. A prospective, district-wide malariometric surveillance system was established in April to record all cases of malaria at community clinics and the regional hospital and maintained until December In March , antimalarial treatment policy was changed to artemisinin combination therapy for uncomplicated malaria and intravenous artesunate for severe malaria due to any Plasmodium species. Over the study period, a total of , patients presented to the surveillance facilities with malaria. The proportion of patients with malaria requiring admission to hospital fell from

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