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Page Count: T able of Contents. Chapter 2: W ireless Sec urity Checklist Chapter 3: Installation Appendix C: Regulat or y Informa tion Chapitre 3 : Installation Capitolo 1: Panoramica del prodotto Capitolo 2: Lista di controllo di prote zione wireless. Appendice A: Risoluzione dei problemi Hoofdstuk 1: Productov erzicht Hoofdstuk 3: Installa tie Bijlage A: Probleemoplossing P olsk i.

Ek A: Sorun giderme About This Guide. While reading through the User Guide you may see. Below is. NO TE: This check mark indicates that there is. WEB: This globe icon indicates a not eworthy. W ebsite addresses in this document are list ed without. I f you use an older web browser ,. Linksys www. International www. Glossary w ww. Security w ww. W eb T echnical. Copyright and T rademarks.

Linksys, Cisco and the Cisco Logo. Chapter 1 Produc t Overview. Pr oduc t Over vie w. The Modem Router lets you access the Internet via. Y ou can also use the Modem Router to share. A variety. C onfiguring the Modem Router is easy using. On Self T est failure or a device malfunction.

It flashes to indicate network activity. Ethernet 1 LED is lit amber when the. W AN link is established on that por t. Pr ess this button to have W i-Fi Pr otected. The LED lights up. T he LED. NO TE:. I t flashes. LED flashes green while the Modem Router is. It flashes to. The LED is lit red when an authentica tion error. Ethernet 1, 2, 3, 4 These Ethernet ports 1,. Ethernet 1 por t can also be configured. T o do this , access the. W eb-based utilit y refer to Chapter.

Reset There are two ways to reset the Modem. Either press and. Po wer The Pow er port is where you will. There are two ways to physically install the device. The second way is t o mount the device on a wall.

The best place for the the Modem Router is usually at the. F ollow these instructions:. Determine where you want to mount the device. Make 1. Also make sure the location is within reach of. Drill t w o holes into the wall. M ake sure the holes are 2. Inser t a screw into each hole and leave 3 mm 3. Maneuver the device so the wall-mount slots line up 4. Place the wall-mount slots over the screws and slide 5.

The device has four rubber f eet on its bott om panel. W all-Mounting Placement. The device has two wall-mount slots on its bottom.

The distance between the slots is mm. T wo screws ar e needed to mount the device. Suggested Mounting Hardwar e. NO TE: The manufacturer is not responsible for. W all Mounting T emplate. Chapter 2 Wireless Sec urity Checklist. W ireless Securit y C heck list. Wir eless networks are conv enient and easy to install, so. Because wireless network ing operates by.

Like signals from your c ellular or cordless phones, signals. Change the default wireless. Wir eless devic es ha ve a default wireless network name. This is. Linksys by Cisco wireless products.

Change the default password. F or wireless products such as access points, routers, and. These devices have a. The default passwor d. Hackers k now these defaults and may tr y to. T o th war t any unauthorized changes,. Enable MAC addr ess filtering. Linksys by Cisco routers and modem routers give you. The MAC address is a unique series of numbers. W ith. MAC address filtering enabled , wir eless network acc ess.

F or example, you can specify the MA C address. Enable encr yption. Encryption protects data transmitted over a wireless. T o protect. WEP is an older encr yption standard and may be the. General Netw ork S ecurity Guidelines.


Linksys Wag54G2 Owner S Manual / WAG160N V2 Quick Installation Guide And User



Linksys WAG160N V2 User Manual



Linksys WAG160N V2 Network Router User Manual


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