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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. At the halfway point 1 met Pavel and my thought process about training took a giant leap forward — and so did my career.

My name is Spud aka Marc Bartley. For the past ten years, 1 have been powerlifting, training athletes and non- athletes, writing and in general using the knowledge, skills and practical experience 1 have gained, to reach beyond normal human limits and in the process take all who wanted to get on the bus with me. Pavel and 1 began talking about my deadlift and how 1 was concerned that my grip wouldn't hold out for me to pull what 1 needed the next day in competition.

Fie gave me a ton of tips to use and even came backstage the next day to help me prepare for my deadlifts. Two great things happened that day: 1 took second in the Heavyweight division with a 2, total and 1 was invited to the next RKC Certification. At the time, 1 just thought that being an RKC was a great way to improve and learn some new skills yes, Kettlebells. I learned more in the weekend with Pavel than 1 had learned about training in several years. He helped me turn all my hunches and hodgepodge training into an organized plan over time.

Fast forward two years later. Pavel invited me back out to Minnesota to recertify my RKC. Since my first 1, lbs. During that time, I also accumulated several injuries that led to a major quad tear in During the healing time, Pavel's newsletters and articles helped to motivate me to a new challenge.

This program was perfectly matched to my strength levels as 1 began to drop body fat using a carbohydrate cycling diet. In the end, 1 dropped lbs. Without the program Pavel specified, my road would have been much tougher to travel and complete.

I was able to hold more muscle and strength levels as 1 healed and rehabbed the quad tendon and the damaged ancillary nerve in my shoulder.

Today, 1 am headed for a comeback at a lighter bodyweight. I will travel another route to get there this time employing a block-type training program that was first formulated, practiced and perfected in the Eastern Bloc coun- tries. Being well versed in this protocol, 1 am sure Pavel will once again be of great assistance on my newer endeavor as he has in the past.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge that this collection of pieces offers you. Maybe you will find a program or technique to use to take your personal goals to the next level. Good luck! In the military we were not allowed to bring any paper into the classroom for classes on so-called 'special dis- ciplines'. We would sign out our notebooks from the platoon leader who kept them in a safe. Each notebook had numbered pages to make sure you did not rip any out.

And just in case a wily American spy would try to replace some pages with new ones, a hole had been punched in the notebook. A string was fed through and secured with a seal. After the class held in a room with barred windows the notebooks were returned to the lieutenant who checked them for torn pages, signed for them, and locked them away again. The strength training world could use such secrecy. Some knowledge ought to be available only to the ruling power elite. Before you accuse me of attempting to keep the masses out of the exclu- sive club of the world's strongest men, consider the following situation.

An up-and-comer takes a sneak peak into Gallagher's and Sheyko's kitchens. The former coach recommends taking a few weeks if not a month off power training after an important meet. The latter urges the lifter to be back in the gym the day after for fear of losing strength. Who is right? Our newbie gets hopelessly confused. He concludes that nobody knows anything, that strength training is a discipline as vague as nutrition, and that he just needs to "find what works for him".

Which is a recipe for dead end experimentation. A lifter who has been around will recognize that both Gallagher and Sheyko are right — in the context of their own systems. A s German study discovered that the rate of detraining depends on the training frequency. The more often one strength trains, the quicker he will detrain once he stops and vice versa.

Gallagher's charges deadlift once a week. Sheyko's four times a week. It becomes apparent that Americans get deconditioned slower than Russians and now both recommendations make sense. A veteran PLer will figure this out or at least will realize that each national team coach must have his own reasons for the particular prescription.

He is not going to get side tracked from his plan by the latest cool routine. He will read it, ponder it, crunch some numbers, compare what he sees with his training log. If impressed, he might consider trying out the whole plan in the off-season or he will carefully add just one new variable to his current regimen. A greenhorn will chase many rabbits at once and catch none. Power to the People Professional is an anthology of articles on advanced powerlifting training, loaded with this type of 'forbidden' training information, exciting and contradictory.

The book contains most of the articles from my Power to the People Monthly newsletter, with the exception of the ones that dealt with intermediate rather than advanced training and the ones not relevant to powerlifting, plus a couple of pieces I have written for other powerlifting publications.

Some of the articles are straightforward coverage of "how they do it in Russia", others are my original work based on years of research and experimentation.

My sources ranged from leading Russian powerlifting publications Mir Sili and Zhelezniy Mir to weightlifting and neuroscience textbooks and research papers, as well as personal communication with lifters, coaches, and scientists. You are about to learn that there is no such a thing as 'the' Russian system.

Russia spans twelve time zones and even in the days of communist centralization it boasted a great variety of athletic train- ing ideas. The Russian systems have only one thing in common. The strength they deliver. If you are a member of the ruling iron elite, dig into Power to the People Professional and add hun- dreds of pounds to your total.

If you are a beginner, as a Russian joke goes, "burn before reading". Young Valya Dikul got bitten by the iron bug. He organized neighborhood kids in his Lithuanian town, built a 'courage corner' in a basement, and started lifting.

Compared to his buddies, Valentin was a 'hard gainer'. But he did not give up and eventually his strength caught up to his work ethic. Still almost a kid, Dikul, made his dream come true and got hired as an aerial gymnast in a circus. The future looked bright. Until the day a metal structure broke and Valentin fell over forty feet to the circus floor With a compression spine fracture and paralyzed legs, life was over as he knew it.

Young Valentin spent over a year in the hospital, was subjected to multiple surgeries of great complexity and still left the hospital a cripple, in a wheel chair. Accept your fate as it is.

Dikul takes his health in his own hands. His allies are an anatomy textbook, kettlebells, rubber bands, dumbbells, a barbell, shot puts. Overcoming horrible back bain, he presses kettlebells overhead sitting in a wheelchair, tosses shots from hand to hand.

Later he has his friends, one and then two, climb onto his shoulders and supports them. He practices electros- timulation, frying his muscles with twice the recommended 'juice'. Dikul makes a unique use of cable stacks for rehab. He unloads his non-working legs with cables as counterweights. There are times when he gets so exhausted from training that he cannot climb back into his wheel chair and falls asleep on the floor.

Two years of blood and sweat later a miracle happens — the man takes his first step! Velitchenko, a leading Soviet doctor in the field of phys- ical therapy, comments: "Our body comes with great resilience and enormous reserves. In his whole life a person does not get to tap into even half of these reserves. Valentin Dikul, who pos- sesses an iron will and magnificent physical prepara- tion has Walking again would have been more than enough for an ordinary man but not for Dikul.

He was determined to return to the circus! He would not be permitted to 'fly' anymore, but who could stop him from being a 'strength juggler' as Russians call their circus strongmen? After all, it has saved me He has to be the best. So he does stunts unheard of before or since. Dikul juggles seven 30kg cannonballs, rolling them on his shoulders in a spiral, tosses 70kg kettlebells, twirls a heavy old- fashioned cast iron barbell around his body.

In a wrestling bridge Dikul supports a kg barbell on his knees. Four assistants stand on his thighs. Plus an 80kg kettlebell on his stomach. Dikul holds another barbell in straight arms and another assistant balances on it. He lets a Volvo drive on to a platform he's supporting on his shoulders.

He casually bends a 5 kopeck coin — a copper coin similar to the US quarter in size — and hands it to a journalist who interviews him. For kicks Dikul enters a weightlifting competition and posts a Master of Sports total with a


Pavel Tsatsouline

Pavel Tsatsouline's landmark classic, Power to the People! Pavel took the guesswork out of strength training and honed in with an elegant simplicity on what really worked to get stronger-and continue getting stronger. The war on weakness is a war we wage our whole lives. There is no final victory in the quest for extra strength. Only hard-fought gains-born of skill, will, and right knowledge.


Power to the People Professional



ISBN 13: 9780938045076


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