No Preview Available! The 4-channel or 8-channel multiplexers can be software configured for single-ended, differential or pseudo-differential modes of operation. The differential mode provides low frequency input common mode rejection and allows offsetting the analog range of the converter. Features n Easy interface to all microprocessors n Operates ratiometrically or with 5 V DC voltage reference n No zero or full-scale adjust required n 4-channel or 8-channel multiplexer with address logic n Internal clock n 0V to 5V input range with single 5V power supply n 0. PDF ] Liens de partage.

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The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. Altera Forum Intel asked a question. What are Your design requirements? What is going to be the function of the EPM? Attachments: Only certain file types can be uploaded. If you upload a file that is not allowed, the 'Answer' button will be greyed out and you will not be able to submit.

See our Welcome to the Intel Community page for allowed file types. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. Home Community More. New to the community? Create an account. Search the community. Sign in to ask the community. Ask a Question. Programmable Devices. View This Post. July 3, at PM. The concer that I have is, that after revieweing the Datasheet, I am afraid that You will be seriously limited by the CPLD resources in being able to istanciate a State Machine which will cover all the possible operating conditions of the ADC.

This is the reason for my questions in the previous message and in this one. My recommendation is that You take those as samples and built the controller in the EPM initially with limited capabilities and improve it to verify that the design will fit in the EPM After convert the digital signal will be program into analogue signal and send out to seven segments display!

Armando has given a nice sugestion to use FSM. Well yo decide for yourself at what rate you want the conversion to take place. Login to answer this question. Related Questions Nothing found.

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ADC0848 DIP-24 Analog Digital Converter IC



ADC0848 National Semiconductor, ADC0848 Datasheet


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