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By using this site, you agree to our updated Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Manage your Cookies Settings. Join Now login. Ask Question. I have to argue - python work on multiple platform linux, mac, windows A good point but it didn't interest him. Because we want to choose a language for prototyping. So multi platform is not enough. Sep 27 ' Post Reply. Share this Question. John Henry. I don't know what windev is but presonally, I found Python to be incredibly productive.

It sits on top of wxpython and I found it to be a very productive GUI tool. Bruno Desthuilliers. Find another job. I'm serious. Python is far better at this than Windev - and the "prototype" is usually quite usable. Python, OTHO, really lets you do the job. Python is free. And being a boss doesn't necessarily imply being stupid. FWIW, you may want to post this on fclpy too - there are some "hard-core" Windows developpers there You can also point your boss to IronPython - if MS puts some money on it, it can't be a bad tool, isn't it?

Sep 28 ' John Henry wrote: I don't know what windev is A french highly proprietary so-called "CASE-Tool" with a so-called "5th generation language" lol that is mostly a dumbed-down mix of basic and pascal. It's so bad that it makes you regret VB6. Steve Holden. Sebastian Kaliszewski. Python is widely known and tested, windev is not. Things looking pretty on marketing presentations might show its ugly head in Real Life tm where Real Money tm is at stake and in fact they do in vast majority of cases.

Python is widely known and has Good Track Record tm. Windev has not. Python is known to integrate well into Windows. Is your boss really sure that windev is good there? How about various corner cases? Does your boss know about. Tell him about IronPython If Microsoft thinks its good, why your boss should not?

If your boss thinks. It's relatively easy to find hire Python programmers. It's not true in case of windev programmers. If your boss needs more people or some people leave and thus must be replaced , it's a Real Cost tm to train new people new windev tricks.

Is your boss willing to take the risk that new people will need months to get fluent with windev as he may well forget about hiring trained windev developer in a reasonable amount of time, while hiring trained python developer is possible. Et, quand je dis beaucoup, c'est faible Dernier point : si quelqu'un veut traduire ce message, il a mon accord tout entier.

My french is attrocious so I got Michels original post machine transated. I liked what Michel was saying, maybe others would like to share: Hello! As you are French, you will coprendras me. Then: - windev is closed, and protected by dongles. Result: dongle lost, broken down, or flown, a licence should be repurchased it arrived to a friend - the language of windev is much less advanced than Python.

And, when I say much, it is weak Python has enormous possibilities in procedural programming, in Directed Object, and, even, in functional programming.

There exists much of resources, even in French, on Internet, in books, etc. On this point, windev mark seriously the step. On certain forums devoted to windev, the number of bugs announced was frightening.

However, few years ago, this box had, precisely, of financial important problems. The large strong point of windev, it is a very aggressive marketing. Moreover, if you want to eat and drink with the eye, will follow the presentations. Before last point: you could have put your message in the French newsgroup on Python. Last point: if somebody wants to translate this message, it has my entire agreement. Sep 29 ' MC wrote: Bonjour! So, - windev is closed, and protected by dongles. Result: lost dongle, or broke, or stolen, you have to get another licence It happened to a friend - the windev language isn't close to have evolved like Python has.

And by isn't close, I'm putting it weakly Python has great possibilities for procedural programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and even funxctional programming - The internal structure of Python is extraordinary.

There are a lot of ressources, even in french, on Internet, in books, etc. On some fora pertaining to windev, the number of bugs brough up is appalling. With Python, you can choose the DB you want, without a lot of worry. And a few years ago, it just happened to have some important financial problems The strong suit of windev lies in its agressive marketing.

And so speaking, if you want free food and drink, attend the demonstrations Before last point: you could have posted your message to the french python newsgroup. People here deserve a more objective opinion. Thank you, Jean-Marc, for translation. I am not capable of this work.

Bbut, perso, I don't understand the message translated much unknowed words I have to argue First, no matter how good is Python, you should not desagree with your boss. Second, Windew is quite good and fun, you will love it. PC-Soft marketing droids are pursuing us even here now. There are more testimonials here in french. By the way, Python is a great programming language. The one and only "cool" thing about Windev is that I'll never have to use this piece of shit again. Yeah, great. And you forgot to say that it generates the whole application by itself, and even make coffee for the programmer.

Kent Johnson. Yes, the boss is always right, shut up and drink your Kool-Aid! I have to argue You don't. We've seen quite a lot of such posts on the windew-users mailing list and newsgroup. Ho yes? Even if the boss finally decides that he'd better trust his team than marketing droids?

Second, Windew is quite good and fun, Yes, sooo good and fun. A good and fun unusable clickodrom nightmare with a good and fun dumbed-down basic as language and a good and fun indexed sequential file format as "RDBMS". I've never met a programmer that "loved" Windev. I've met some "programmers" that where able to bear with it mostly because they didn't even knew anything else, but even these guys didn't "love" trying to make this crap do something useful.

Heck, compared to PC-Soft, one could find that Microsoft's marketing strategy is based on delivering smart, usable, cleanly debugged products and being helpful to users Concentrez-vous sur le reste du message.

I have met some here I'm the guy with a mustache-just kidding but actually I was there. Why are they all look so gloomy?

I don't see a single smile on their faces. Widely marketed, for sure, but last time I had to find a job, there where not that much Windev positions 3 in one year in the fifth french city - much less than Java or. And it was not better in other major french locations I think that's one of the dumbiest thing I've ever read.


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