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A project log for Nixie 'Display of Things'. Create an account to leave a comment. Already have an account? Log In. Yes, delete it Cancel. About Us Contact Hackaday. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality, and advertising cookies.

Learn More. Hack a Day Menu Projects. Using good ol' Google, I found plenty of old Datasheets that helped me figure the hopefully! Together with research I'd done in an earlier log [ Figuring out the Nixie Circuit ], I put together a circuit to check the logic-level signalling and the high-voltage switching. With a bit of testing and modification from the suggested schematic, e. I use a 12v power supply, and the 5v regulator gives me a 5v logic-level signal, which is good enough to test with for now.

I tested a combination of binary numbers on the logic input, and probed the appropriate HV Cathode pin for 'live' voltage. Note that the pair of jumper wires, going from the 5v regulator to the T-Cobbler Plus, are doing nothing at this point. Thought I would show you a view of my rather busy desk - monitors from left to right are showing the KID1 datasheet [monitor 1], example Nixie circuit [monitor 1], MPSA42 and 92 datasheets [monitor 2], and most importantly, an episode of 'Road Kill' from the Motor Trend YouTube channel [monitor 3].

Note 2: Always important to have chocolate on standby for thinking and calming! Become a Hackaday. Sign up. Ok, I agree.

BS 6079-2 PDF

Nixie driver ICs 74141

I sat down and sketched a "super simple" driver- testing circuit to test them all. I also have russian types and "unknown" of which I have no idea if they are or Check the different truth- charts!!! Truth Table for the , , A and B Chip.


Testing the Nixie Driver IC

The Synchroscope is an interesting power plant instrument which doubles up as two devices in one. If the generator frequency is not matched with the grid frequency, the rotation direction of the synchroscope pointer indicates if the frequency generator speed needs to be increased or decreased. When it stops rotating, the pointer angle indicates the phase difference between the generator and the grid. When [badjer1] [Chris Muncy] got his hands on an old synchroscope which had seen better days at a nuclear power plant control room, he decided to use it as the enclosure for a long-pending plan to build a Nixie Tube project.

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